At what time was Lake Region State College established?

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By Felicity Long

Lake Region State College is a community college located in Devils Lake, North Dakota, United States. It offers various degrees and programs in different fields of study. The college has a rich history and it serves as an important educational institution in the region.

North Dakota’s Higher Education System

North Dakota has a robust higher education system comprising public and private universities and community colleges. This system provides accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to students across the state. The North Dakota University System oversees the operation of the state’s public colleges and universities, including Lake Region State College.

The State’s First Community College

Lake Region State College was the first community college established in North Dakota. This marked a significant milestone in the state’s higher education system, as it provided an opportunity for more students to access postsecondary education at an affordable cost.

The Establishment of Lake Region State College

Lake Region State College was established in 1941, under the name "Devils Lake Junior College". The college was established by the North Dakota Legislature, which recognized the need for a community college in the region. The college changed its name to Lake Region State College in 1985, to better reflect its expanded role in the state’s higher education system.

Historical Context

The establishment of Lake Region State College took place during a period of economic and social change in North Dakota. The state had experienced significant population growth, with many new residents seeking education and employment opportunities. The establishment of the college was a response to these changes, as it provided an affordable and accessible pathway to higher education.

The Role of Community Support

The establishment of Lake Region State College was made possible by the support of the local community. Many individuals and organizations contributed to the college’s establishment, including the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce, which donated land for the college campus. The community’s support for the college has continued over the years, with many individuals and organizations providing financial and other forms of support.

Pioneering Faculty and Staff

The early years of Lake Region State College were characterized by a dedicated faculty and staff who were committed to providing a high-quality education to their students. Many of these individuals played a key role in shaping the college’s culture and values, which continue to shape the college today.

The College’s Early Years

In its early years, Lake Region State College provided a broad range of programs and services to its students. These included vocational and technical programs, as well as liberal arts and sciences courses. The college also offered community outreach programs, such as adult education and continuing education courses.

Contributions to North Dakota’s Economy

Lake Region State College has played an important role in contributing to North Dakota’s economy. The college has provided a skilled workforce to the region, with many of its graduates entering into high-demand fields such as healthcare, education, and technology. The college has also supported regional economic development by partnering with local businesses and organizations to provide workforce training and development programs.

Lake Region State College Today

Today, Lake Region State College continues to provide high-quality education and training to its students. The college offers a variety of degree and certificate programs in fields such as business, healthcare, and technology. The college’s campus has expanded over the years, with new facilities and resources added to meet the needs of its growing student body.

The College’s Mission and Vision

Lake Region State College’s mission is to provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality education to its students. The college’s vision is to be a student-centered institution that fosters lifelong learning and community engagement.


Lake Region State College has a rich history and a bright future. As the first community college established in North Dakota, the college has played an important role in providing affordable and accessible higher education to the region. Today, the college continues to provide a high-quality education to its students, while also contributing to the region’s economic development and community engagement.

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