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By Meagan Drillinger

Australia may not be known for its snowy winters and traditional Christmas imagery, but that doesn’t mean the holiday spirit is lacking in the land Down Under. With soaring temperatures and a unique cultural mix, Australians have their own set of Christmas songs that they sing during the festive season.

While classic Christmas carols are still beloved by many, Australians also embrace songs that reflect their own experiences and traditions. These songs often celebrate the country’s outdoor lifestyle, sunny weather, and the idea of celebrating Christmas on the beach.

One popular Australian Christmas song is “Six White Boomers” by Rolf Harris. This light-hearted tune tells the story of Santa Claus trading his reindeer for kangaroos to deliver presents to children across the country. It’s a playful take on the traditional tale and captures the Australian spirit perfectly.

Another favorite is “Aussie Jingle Bells,” a local rendition of the famous carol. This version captures the essence of an Australian Christmas with lyrics that mention the scorching heat, barbecues, and Santa arriving in a ute (utility vehicle) instead of a sleigh. It’s a lighthearted and humorous take on the traditional song that Australians love to sing along to.

Traditional Christmas Songs in Australia

Australia has a unique blend of cultural traditions when it comes to Christmas, and this is reflected in the songs that are sung during the festive season. While some traditional Christmas carols from other parts of the world are still popular in Australia, there are also a number of uniquely Australian songs that have become part of the Christmas music repertoire.

One of the most well-known Australian Christmas songs is “Six White Boomers” by Rolf Harris. This song tells the story of Santa Claus swapping his reindeer for six kangaroos to deliver presents to children in the Australian outback. It has become a beloved classic and is often sung by families around the country.

Another popular Australian Christmas song is “The Aussie Jingle Bells” by Bucko & Champs. This lively and humorous song puts an Australian twist on the traditional “Jingle Bells” tune, with lyrics that depict a Christmas celebration in the scorching Australian summer.

“Christmas Day” by John Williamson is another beloved Australian Christmas song. This heartfelt ballad captures the essence of a traditional Australian Christmas, with lyrics that paint a picture of families gathering, enjoying a barbecue, and celebrating together.

In addition to these Australian originals, traditional English carols like “Silent Night”, “Away in a Manger”, and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” are still widely sung during Christmas church services and carol events across the country.

Overall, the Christmas songs sung in Australia are a reflection of the unique Australian culture and the festive spirit that fills the country during the holiday season. Whether it’s an Australian classic or a traditional carol, these songs bring joy and create a festive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Australia may have a different climate during the holiday season with Santa donning board shorts instead of a heavy coat, but the Christmas spirit is still alive and well Down Under. Along with the traditional carols, Australians also enjoy singing their own unique Christmas songs. Here are some popular Christmas songs in Australia:

  1. “Six White Boomers” – This song, written and performed by Rolf Harris, tells the story of six white kangaroos who replace Santa’s reindeer.
  2. “Aussie Jingle Bells” – A classic Australian twist on the well-known Jingle Bells song, this version features lyrics about barbecues, kangaroos, and the scorching summer heat.
  3. “Santa Never Made It Into Darwin” – Sammy Kershaw’s song depicts a comical scenario where Santa’s sleigh breaks down in Australia’s tropical city of Darwin, leaving him unable to deliver presents.
  4. “Christmas Photo” – Written and sung by John Williamson, this song reflects on families taking photos around the Christmas tree and cherishing those memories.
  5. “Deck the Sheds” – Inspired by the traditional carol “Deck the Halls,” this song celebrates the Australian lifestyle by replacing “halls” with the iconic “sheds” found in many Aussie backyards.
  6. “Australian Jingle Bells” – Similar to “Aussie Jingle Bells,” this song puts a unique spin on the traditional Jingle Bells tune by incorporating Australian slang and references.
  7. “The North Wind” – This song, performed by Lee Kernaghan, tells the heartwarming story of a young boy who dreams of experiencing a white Christmas, even though he lives in a warm climate.

These popular Christmas songs in Australia capture the unique spirit and traditions of the holiday season in the Land Down Under.

Indigenous Australian Christmas Songs

Indigenous Australians have a rich musical tradition, and during the Christmas season, they celebrate with their own unique songs that reflect their culture and spirituality. These songs are often performed in Indigenous languages and incorporate traditional instruments and rhythms.

One popular Indigenous Australian Christmas song is “Mulumuluny” which means “Christmas” in the Yolngu Matha language. This song expresses the joy and excitement of the holiday season and is accompanied by the sounds of clapsticks and didgeridoos.

Another well-known Christmas song is “Ngana Nyindi Yawindjijidj” which translates to “The Birth of Jesus” in the Kriol language. This song tells the story of the nativity and is sung with passion and reverence.

Indigenous Australian Christmas songs often incorporate themes of connection to land, family, and spirituality. They provide a unique and meaningful perspective on the holiday season, reminding us of the diversity and strength of Indigenous cultures.

These songs are passed down through generations, preserving and promoting Indigenous languages and traditions. They are a powerful way for Indigenous Australians to celebrate their heritage and share their stories with the wider community. When listening to Indigenous Australian Christmas songs, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural richness of the land Down Under.

Australian Christmas Carols

Australia has a unique musical tradition when it comes to Christmas carols. With its warm weather and outdoor celebrations, Australians have developed their own repertoire of songs that capture the essence of an Australian Christmas. These carols often reflect the country’s diverse landscapes, native flora and fauna, and laid-back lifestyle.

One popular Australian Christmas carol is “Six White Boomers” by Rolf Harris. This cheerful song tells the story of Santa Claus swapping his reindeer for kangaroos to deliver presents across the country. The six “boomers” in the title refer to the kangaroos that help Santa on his journey.

Another beloved carol is “Aussie Jingle Bells” which puts an Australian twist on the classic song. This version follows the adventures of a family celebrating Christmas in the scorching heat of the Australian summer. It replaces winter imagery with scenes of barbecues, surfing, and Santa arriving in a rusty ute (utility vehicle).

“Christmas Photo” by John Williamson is a nostalgic carol that celebrates the importance of family and capturing memories. It portrays the typical Australian Christmas scene, with relatives gathering together for a festive feast and posing for a photo in front of a Christmas tree.

“Christmas Day” by Mick Thomas and The Sure Thing tells the story of a typical Australian Christmas, complete with beach picnics, backyard cricket matches, and relaxed barbecues. It captures the relaxed and carefree spirit of the holiday season in Australia.

These Australian Christmas carols showcase the unique blend of humor, warmth, and love of the outdoors that defines the country’s Christmas celebrations. With their lively melodies and relatable lyrics, they have become an integral part of the festive season in Australia.

Australian Christmas Songs for Kids

Australia has a unique way of celebrating Christmas, and part of that involves singing songs that capture the spirit of the holiday season. Whether it’s the scorching summer heat or the outdoor barbecues, these Australian Christmas songs for kids are perfect for getting into the festive mood.

1. Six White Boomers – This catchy tune tells the story of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by six large kangaroos instead of reindeer. It’s a fun and lively song that kids will enjoy singing and dancing to.

2. Aussie Jingle Bells – This Australian version of the classic Christmas song puts an Aussie twist on the lyrics. Instead of sleighs and snow, it talks about Santa riding in a rusty Holden car and spending Christmas at the beach.

3. The North Wind – This traditional Australian Christmas song tells the story of a strong north wind blowing through the country on Christmas Day. It’s a fun song that kids can sing along to and even act out the movements of the wind.

4. Christmas Day – This song captures the essence of an Australian Christmas, with lyrics about going to the beach, eating seafood, and spending time with family and friends. It’s a joyful song that celebrates the unique traditions of Christmas in Australia.

5. Santa Never Made It into Darwin – This humorous song tells the tale of Santa getting stuck in the hot Australian outback and not being able to deliver presents to the children in Darwin. It’s a lighthearted song that kids will find both funny and entertaining.

6. The Christmas Rappin’ Koala – This funky song features a cool koala rapping about Christmas in Australia. It’s a modern twist on the traditional Christmas songs and will get kids grooving to the beat.

7. Aussie Jingle Bells – Another version of the popular Australian Christmas song, this one adds a touch of humor with lyrics about Santa getting sunburnt and having to wear board shorts instead of his traditional suit.

These Australian Christmas songs for kids are a great way to introduce children to the unique traditions and customs of Christmas in Australia. Singing along to these songs will surely add a touch of Aussie cheer to the holiday season.

Contemporary Christmas Songs in Australia

Australia has a vibrant and unique music scene, and that includes the realm of Christmas songs. While traditional carols such as “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” are still beloved, many Australian artists have also created their own modern interpretations of Christmas classics or written original songs that capture the unique spirit of an Australian Christmas.

One popular contemporary Christmas song in Australia is “Six White Boomers” by Rolf Harris. This catchy tune tells the story of Santa Claus swapping his reindeer for six white kangaroos to help him deliver presents across the Australian outback. It reflects the country’s unique wildlife and is a favorite among children and adults alike.

Another well-known Australian Christmas song is “How to Make Gravy” by Paul Kelly. This song takes a different approach to the holiday season, focusing on the story of a man who is spending Christmas in jail and longs to be reunited with his family. It beautifully captures the bittersweet emotions that can arise during the festive season.

There are also several Australian artists who have released albums of original Christmas songs. John Farnham, one of Australia’s most beloved singers, has released a Christmas album called “Christmas Is…” which features his own heartfelt take on classic carols as well as original songs. Similarly, Kylie Minogue’s album “Kylie Christmas” includes a mix of traditional carols and original tracks that showcase her unique pop sound.

Australia’s multiculturalism is also reflected in its Christmas songs. Artists such as Christine Anu have released songs that blend traditional Christmas themes with Indigenous Australian elements, creating a truly unique and inclusive holiday soundtrack.

In addition to these specific songs and albums, Australian artists also often release Christmas-themed singles that become popular during the festive season. These songs cover a range of genres from pop to country, reflecting the diverse tastes of the Australian music scene.

Overall, the contemporary Christmas music scene in Australia is a vibrant and ever-evolving one. It combines traditional carols with modern interpretations and original compositions, showcasing the talent and creativity of Australian artists. Whether you prefer the classics or are looking for something new, there is a Christmas song in Australia to suit every taste.

Christmas Songs in Australia: Influences and Adaptations

Christmas in Australia is a unique experience, as it falls during the summer season. Due to this, traditional European Christmas songs are often adapted to suit the Australian climate and lifestyle. These adaptations capture the essence of an Australian Christmas and incorporate local influences and cultural references.

One popular Christmas song in Australia is “Six White Boomers” by Rolf Harris. The song tells the story of Santa Claus using six white kangaroos to pull his sleigh instead of reindeer. This adaptation reflects the Australian wildlife and pays homage to the iconic kangaroo.

Another well-known Australian Christmas song is “Aussie Jingle Bells”. This adaptation of the classic song adds an Australian twist, with lyrics that include references to barbecues, beach holidays, and Santa arriving in a ute (a utility vehicle). It captures the laid-back and outdoorsy spirit of an Australian Christmas.

“Christmas in the Sun” is another popular Australian Christmas song that reflects the warm weather and outdoor celebrations. It emphasizes the beach culture, with lyrics about swimming, sunbathing, and having a barbie (barbecue) on the sand. This song celebrates the unique experience of Christmas in Australia and showcases the love for outdoor activities.

Australian Christmas songs also draw inspiration from Indigenous culture. “Ngana Nyunyu” is an Indigenous Australian Christmas song that combines English lyrics with traditional Indigenous language. It incorporates Aboriginal instruments and rhythms, creating a unique fusion of cultures and celebrating the diversity of Australian heritage.

In addition to these adaptations, traditional Christmas carols from around the world are still sung in Australia during the holiday season. These include classics like “Silent Night”, “Jingle Bells”, and “Deck the Halls”. However, they may be sung with a twist to reflect the Australian context, such as substituting “dashing through the snow” with “dashing through the sand”.

Overall, Christmas songs in Australia are influenced by the unique Australian climate, lifestyle, and Indigenous culture. These adaptations and influences create a vibrant and diverse musical landscape that captures the festive spirit of Christmas down under.


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