During which period did Matt Cassel participate in football for USC?

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By Lucas Reynolds

Matt Cassel’s USC Football Career

USC Trojans football is known to field some of the best athletes in college football, and Matt Cassel is one of those athletes who made a prominent mark in the school’s history. Cassel played quarterback for the Trojans from 2001 to 2004, participating in four seasons and helping lead USC to two national championships.

Throughout his career, Cassel was known for his athleticism, leadership, and accuracy on the field. He played a significant role in the success of the Trojans during his tenure, and his impact on the team is still felt today.

Overview of USC Trojans Football

The USC Trojans football program is one of the most prestigious in college football. Founded in 1888, the team has won 11 national championships, 7 Heisman Trophy winners, and over 800 games. The program has produced numerous NFL stars and is known to have one of the most passionate and dedicated fan bases in all of sports.

USC has a long-standing rivalry with the UCLA Bruins and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and games between these teams are some of the most anticipated in college football. The Trojans play their home games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which has a seating capacity of over 93,000 fans.

The Early Years of Matt Cassel

Before his time at USC, Cassel was a multi-sport athlete at Chatsworth High School in California. He played football, basketball, and baseball and was highly regarded as a quarterback and pitcher. Cassel committed to USC in 1999 and began his journey as a Trojan in 2001.

Matt Cassel’s Freshman Season

Cassel redshirted his freshman year, meaning he did not participate in any games. He spent the season learning from Carson Palmer, the starting quarterback at the time, and preparing himself for his future role on the team.

Matt Cassel’s Sophomore Season

In 2002, Cassel saw his first game action as a Trojan. He appeared in four games, completing six of ten passes for 57 yards. He also rushed for 30 yards on six attempts.

Matt Cassel’s Junior Season

Cassel’s junior season marked his first significant contribution to the Trojans. He appeared in six games, completing 20 of 31 passes for 240 yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 52 yards and one touchdown on seven attempts.

Matt Cassel’s Senior Season

Cassel’s senior season was his most successful as a Trojan. He appeared in all 13 games, starting five, and threw for 1,780 yards and 15 touchdowns. He also rushed for 207 yards and three touchdowns on 65 attempts. Cassel’s performance helped lead USC to a 13-0 record and a national championship.

Legacy of Matt Cassel at USC

Cassel’s impact on USC football is still felt today. He was known for his work ethic, leadership, and ability to perform under pressure. Cassel’s success as a Trojan helped pave the way for future quarterbacks at USC, and his legacy is one of excellence and dedication.

Matt Cassel’s NFL Career

After his time at USC, Cassel was selected in the seventh round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the New England Patriots. He went on to have a successful career, playing for several teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings, and Tennessee Titans.

Conclusion: Matt Cassel’s Impact on USC Football

Matt Cassel’s football career at USC was one of the most successful and memorable in the school’s history. He contributed to two national championships and helped pave the way for future quarterbacks at USC. Cassel’s legacy is one of excellence and dedication, and his impact on the Trojans’ football program will be felt for years to come.

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