In which stores can one purchase frozen Kosher blintzes in New York?

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By Lucas Reynolds

Frozen Kosher Blintzes

Kosher food has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people seeking out kosher foods for religious, cultural, and health reasons. One popular kosher food is the blintz, a type of filled crepe that is often served for breakfast or brunch. While blintzes can be made from scratch, many people prefer the convenience of frozen blintzes, which can be quickly heated up for a delicious and easy meal.

Kosher Food Regulations in New York

In New York, there are strict laws and regulations regarding kosher food. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets oversees the regulations, which require that all kosher food must be prepared and served according to Jewish dietary laws. Kosher food must be produced under the supervision of a rabbi or other approved authority to ensure that it meets the dietary guidelines.

Types of Kosher Blintzes

There are many different types of kosher blintzes available, including cheese, fruit-filled, and savory varieties. Some blintzes are made with a dairy filling, while others are made with a meat filling. It is important to choose blintzes that meet your dietary needs and preferences.

Top 3 Stores for Frozen Blintzes

If you’re looking for frozen kosher blintzes in New York, there are several stores that specialize in these delicious treats.

Store 1: Kosher Marketplace

Kosher Marketplace is a popular store in Brooklyn that carries a wide selection of kosher foods, including frozen blintzes. They offer several varieties of cheese blintzes, as well as fruit-filled blintzes and potato blintzes.

Store 2: Pomegranate Supermarket

Pomegranate Supermarket is another popular store in Brooklyn that specializes in kosher foods. They offer a wide variety of frozen blintzes, including cheese, fruit-filled, and savory varieties. They also carry gluten-free and sugar-free options.

Store 3: Gourmet Glatt

Gourmet Glatt is a kosher supermarket with locations in Cedarhurst and Brooklyn. They offer a wide selection of frozen blintzes, including cheese, fruit-filled, and potato varieties. They also carry blintzes made with gluten-free and organic ingredients.

Other Stores that Sell Frozen Blintzes

In addition to these top three stores, there are many other stores in New York that sell frozen kosher blintzes. Some popular options include Empire Kosher Market, Seasons Kosher Supermarket, and Kosher Marketplace.

Online Stores that Deliver Frozen Blintzes

If you can’t find the frozen blintzes you’re looking for in a local store, there are many online stores that specialize in kosher foods. Some popular options include,, and The Kosher Cook.

Tips for Choosing Frozen Blintzes

When choosing frozen blintzes, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients and nutritional information. Look for blintzes made with high-quality ingredients and minimal preservatives. You should also check the serving size and calorie count to ensure that the blintzes fit into your overall dietary plan.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Store

Overall, there are many options for purchasing frozen kosher blintzes in New York. Whether you prefer cheese, fruit-filled, or savory blintzes, there is a store that will meet your needs. By doing a little research and comparing prices and selection, you can find the perfect store for your frozen blintz needs.

Summary: Best Places to Buy Frozen Blintzes

  • Kosher Marketplace
  • Pomegranate Supermarket
  • Gourmet Glatt
  • Empire Kosher Market
  • Seasons Kosher Supermarket
  • Kosher Marketplace (online)
  • (online)
  • The Kosher Cook (online)
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