In which year was Schlobohm Housing constructed?

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By Erica Silverstein

The History of Schlobohm Housing

Schlobohm Housing is a public housing development located in Mount Vernon, New York. The complex was named after William Schlobohm, a former member of the Mount Vernon City Council who was instrumental in securing funding for the project. Schlobohm Housing was developed in response to the growing need for affordable housing in the area during the mid-twentieth century. The project was designed to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for low-income families and individuals in the community.

The Development of Affordable Housing in the United States

The development of affordable housing in the United States can be traced back to the early twentieth century when the federal government began to address the country’s housing crisis. The Great Depression of the 1930s led to a massive increase in homelessness and the federal government responded with the creation of the Housing Act of 1937, which provided funding for the construction of public housing. This led to the development of numerous public housing projects across the country, including Schlobohm Housing.

The Need for Affordable Housing in Mount Vernon, NY

During the mid-twentieth century, Mount Vernon, New York, like many other cities in the United States, was experiencing a shortage of affordable housing. The city’s population was growing rapidly, and many low-income families were struggling to find safe and decent housing. In response to this need, local officials began to explore the possibility of building a public housing development.

The Planning and Design of Schlobohm Housing

The planning and design of Schlobohm Housing began in the early 1950s. The project was designed by the architectural firm of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, and was intended to provide affordable housing for low-income families and individuals in the Mount Vernon community. The complex was divided into several sections, each consisting of multiple buildings. The design included amenities such as playgrounds, community rooms, and laundry facilities.

Construction Begins on Schlobohm Housing

Construction on Schlobohm Housing began in 1953. The project was funded by the federal government and was one of many public housing developments built across the country during the mid-twentieth century. The construction process was completed in phases, with each section of the complex being built separately. The buildings were constructed using concrete and brick, and the design was intended to be both durable and functional.

Challenges During the Construction of Schlobohm Housing

The construction of Schlobohm Housing was not without challenges. One of the main challenges was the need to secure funding for the project. Another challenge was the need to acquire the necessary land for the development. The construction process itself was also challenging, as it required the coordination of multiple contractors and the management of a large workforce.

Schlobohm Housing Completed Ahead of Schedule

Despite the challenges, construction on Schlobohm Housing was completed ahead of schedule. The first residents moved into the complex in 1955, and by 1956, the entire project was fully occupied. The completion of Schlobohm Housing was a significant accomplishment, as it helped to address the growing need for affordable housing in the Mount Vernon community.

The Impact of Schlobohm Housing on the Community

Schlobohm Housing had a significant impact on the Mount Vernon community. The complex provided safe, decent, and affordable housing for low-income families and individuals, helping to address the city’s housing crisis. The development also served as a catalyst for further investment in the community, helping to improve the overall quality of life for residents.

The Success of Schlobohm Housing and its Legacy Today

Schlobohm Housing remains a successful and important public housing development to this day. The complex continues to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for low-income families and individuals in the Mount Vernon community. Its success has also inspired the development of other affordable housing projects across the country.

Conclusion: The Importance of Affordable Housing in America

The development of affordable housing is a critical issue in the United States. Affordable housing provides a safe and secure home for low-income families and individuals, helping to improve their quality of life and promote economic stability. Projects like Schlobohm Housing serve as a reminder of the importance of affordable housing and the need to continue to invest in this critical infrastructure.

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