Is Westfield on the route of the New Jersey Turnpike?

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By Kristy Tolley

Is Westfield on the NJ Turnpike?

Westfield is a town in Union County, New Jersey, located approximately 20 miles southwest of New York City. Many travelers passing through New Jersey wonder if Westfield can be accessed via the New Jersey Turnpike. In this article, we will explore the route of the NJ Turnpike and its accessibility to Westfield.

Understanding the NJ Turnpike’s route

The New Jersey Turnpike is a toll road that runs from the Pennsylvania state line at the Delaware River to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey. The highway intersects with several major roads, such as the Garden State Parkway, Interstate 287, and Route 440. The NJ Turnpike is a major artery for commercial traffic, as well as for commuters traveling to New York City. It is also a key route for travelers visiting various destinations in New Jersey.

Which counties does the NJ Turnpike pass through?

The NJ Turnpike passes through six counties in New Jersey: Salem, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Mercer, and Middlesex. It covers a total distance of approximately 118 miles. The highway connects several cities and towns in these counties, such as Newark, Elizabeth, New Brunswick, and Trenton.

Is Union county on the NJ Turnpike?

Yes, Union County is located on the NJ Turnpike. The highway runs through the eastern part of the county, passing through the cities of Elizabeth, Linden, and Hillside. The NJ Turnpike provides access to several major attractions in Union County, such as the Jersey Gardens Mall, Kean University, and the Union County Performing Arts Center.

Is Westfield located in Union county?

Yes, Westfield is located in Union County, New Jersey. It is a suburban town with a population of approximately 30,000 residents. The town is known for its historic downtown area, which features many shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

NJ Turnpike exits near Westfield

There are several NJ Turnpike exits near Westfield that provide access to the town. These include Exit 13A (Elizabeth), Exit 13 (Linden), and Exit 12 (Carteret). From these exits, travelers can take various roads to reach Westfield, such as Route 1 & 9, Route 27, and Route 28.

How to get to Westfield from the NJ Turnpike

To get to Westfield from the NJ Turnpike, travelers can take one of the exits mentioned above, depending on their starting location. From there, they can follow the directions provided by their GPS or use a map to navigate. Travelers can also take public transportation, such as the NJ Transit bus or train, which provide service to Westfield from various locations.

NJ Turnpike tolls near Westfield

There are several toll plazas on the NJ Turnpike near Westfield, including the Newark Bay Extension toll plaza and the Driscoll Bridge toll plaza. The cost of tolls varies depending on the distance traveled and the type of vehicle.

Alternative routes to Westfield from the NJ Turnpike

Travelers can also take alternative routes to reach Westfield from the NJ Turnpike. For example, they can take Route 22 or the Garden State Parkway, depending on their starting location. These routes may provide a more direct or scenic route, depending on the traveler’s preferences.

Can I avoid the NJ Turnpike to get to Westfield?

Yes, travelers can avoid the NJ Turnpike to get to Westfield by taking other highways or local roads. For example, they can take Route 22, Route 28, or Route 27 to reach Westfield. Travelers can also use GPS or a map to find alternative routes to Westfield.

NJ Turnpike service areas near Westfield

There are several service areas on the NJ Turnpike near Westfield, including the Thomas Edison Service Area and the Joyce Kilmer Service Area. These service areas provide travelers with restrooms, food options, and fuel stations.

Conclusion: Westfield’s accessibility via the NJ Turnpike

In conclusion, Westfield is accessible via the NJ Turnpike, which passes through Union County. Travelers can take various exits to reach Westfield, and there are several toll plazas and service areas near the town. Additionally, there are alternative routes to reach Westfield from the NJ Turnpike, providing travelers with more options for their journey.

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