Missouri’s Official State Instrument – Revealing the Music that Represents the Heart of the Show-Me State

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By Meagan Drillinger

Missouri, a state located in the Midwestern United States, is known for its rich musical heritage. From creating genres such as ragtime and blues to producing famous musicians like Scott Joplin and Chuck Berry, Missouri has a deep-rooted connection to music. In recognition of this cultural significance, Missouri designated an official state instrument to honor its musical contributions.

The official state instrument of Missouri is the fiddle. Also commonly referred to as a violin, the fiddle holds a special place in the hearts of Missourians. This stringed instrument has been a vital part of the state’s musical traditions for centuries, and its recognition as the official state instrument speaks to its enduring popularity and cultural significance.

The fiddle has a long and storied history in Missouri. It was introduced to the region by European settlers in the early 18th century and quickly became an integral part of the local music scene. Its lively and melodic tones perfectly complemented the energetic dances and social gatherings that were prevalent at the time.

Over the years, the fiddle has remained a beloved instrument in Missouri, both for its solo performances and as a key component of various musical genres, including country, bluegrass, and old-time music. Musicians showcase their skills and pay homage to the state’s musical heritage through fiddle contests, jam sessions, and performances at festivals throughout Missouri.

History of the Official State Instrument of Missouri

The official state instrument of Missouri is the fiddle. This traditional stringed instrument has a rich history in the state, dating back to the early settlers and their vibrant music traditions.

The fiddle was introduced to Missouri by European immigrants in the 18th century. These settlers brought with them their musical traditions, including the use of the fiddle in dance and music gatherings. The fiddle quickly became a popular instrument among the early residents of Missouri, who used it to accompany their folk songs and dances.

During the 19th century, as Missouri grew and developed, the fiddle continued to play a significant role in the state’s music scene. Fiddle contests and gatherings became popular social events, where talented fiddlers showcased their skills and entertained the community. The fiddle was also commonly used in square dances, hoedowns, and other community celebrations.

The popularity of the fiddle in Missouri reached its peak in the early 20th century. Fiddlers like Taylor McBaine and Pete McMahan gained statewide recognition for their exceptional talent and contributed to the preservation of traditional fiddle music in the state. Blues and jazz styles also emerged during this time, blending with traditional fiddle tunes and creating a unique Missouri sound.

In 1987, recognizing the importance of the fiddle to Missouri’s cultural heritage, the state officially designated it as the official state instrument. This recognition solidified the fiddle’s place in Missouri’s music tradition and acknowledged its role in shaping the state’s cultural identity.

Today, the fiddle continues to be an essential part of Missouri’s music landscape. Fiddle festivals, workshops, and competitions are held throughout the state, attracting participants and audiences from around the country. The fiddle’s lively and spirited sound embodies the spirit of Missouri, connecting generations and preserving a cherished musical heritage.

Significance of the Official State Instrument of Missouri

The designation of an official state instrument is a way for a state to showcase its cultural heritage and history. In the case of Missouri, the official state instrument is the fiddle. This traditional stringed instrument holds great significance in the state’s musical traditions and is deeply rooted in its history.

The fiddle has long been associated with Missouri’s rich musical heritage, particularly in the genre of old-time fiddle music. This genre originated in the early 19th century and was heavily influenced by the Scottish, Irish, and German immigrants who settled in the state. These early settlers brought with them their musical traditions and the fiddle quickly became a popular instrument in Missouri.

Over the years, the fiddle has played a significant role in shaping Missouri’s musical identity. It has been central to the development of various musical styles, including bluegrass, country, and folk music. The fiddle’s distinctive sound and versatility have made it a beloved instrument among musicians and music enthusiasts alike.

In addition to its cultural significance, the fiddle holds a special place in Missouri’s history. It has been a part of many important events and celebrations throughout the state’s history, including barn dances, fiddle contests, and community gatherings. The fiddle has served as a symbol of community, bringing people together to enjoy the music and celebrate their shared heritage.

The designation of the fiddle as the official state instrument of Missouri acknowledges the instrument’s cultural and historical importance. It serves as a tribute to the musicians who have shaped Missouri’s musical traditions and celebrates the state’s rich musical heritage. The fiddle continues to be an important part of Missouri’s cultural fabric and will undoubtedly be cherished for generations to come.

Official State Instrument State Year Designated
Fiddle Missouri 1987

The official state instrument of Missouri, the fiddle, holds a special place in the hearts of many Missourians. It has become an iconic symbol of the state’s rich musical heritage and is often associated with traditional folk and country music.

One of the most famous songs featuring the fiddle is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band. This Southern rock classic tells the story of a fiddle contest between the devil and a young boy from Georgia. The virtuosic fiddle playing in this song has made it a favorite among fiddle enthusiasts and musicians alike.

Another well-known song that showcases the fiddle is “Orange Blossom Special” by Ervin T. Rouse. This instrumental track, made famous by Johnny Cash, captures the excitement and energy of a train ride and features the fiddle as the primary instrument. The frenetic pace and intricate melodies of this song have solidified its status as a fiddle classic.

In addition to these iconic songs, the fiddle can also be heard in many other genres of music. From bluegrass to rock, the fiddle adds a unique and soulful sound to any musical arrangement. It has been featured in songs by artists such as Alison Krauss, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones, among many others.

Outside of the music industry, the fiddle has also made appearances in popular culture. In the hit musical film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, the character Tommy Johnson, portrayed by Chris Thomas King, is seen playing the fiddle. This film’s soundtrack, which features traditional folk and bluegrass music, helped introduce the fiddle to a new generation of listeners.

Overall, the fiddle’s status as the official state instrument of Missouri has brought attention to its cultural significance and iconic role in American music. By being featured in popular songs, films, and various musical genres, the fiddle continues to captivate audiences and remind them of the deep musical roots that are synonymous with Missouri.

Famous Musicians who have Played the Official State Instrument of Missouri

The official state instrument of Missouri is the fiddle. Over the years, many talented musicians from Missouri have showcased their skills with this traditional stringed instrument. Here are a few famous musicians who have mastered the art of playing the fiddle:

1. Charlie Daniels: Born in Wilmington, North Carolina, Charlie Daniels is known for his mastery of the fiddle. Though not originally from Missouri, Daniels has spent a significant amount of time performing in the state. His energetic and captivating fiddle solos have made him a legend in the country music genre.

2. Chubby Wise: This fiddle player was born in Lake City, Florida, but he made a name for himself in Missouri. Wise worked with various bluegrass and country bands, including Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys. His innovative style and technical skill have influenced countless fiddle players.

3. Johnny Gimble: Born in Tyler, Texas, Johnny Gimble was a renowned fiddle player who spent much of his career in Missouri. He played with artists like Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, and his jazz-influenced fiddle playing set him apart from others in the genre.

4. Bob Holt: Bob Holt was a fiddle player from Ava, Missouri, who dedicated his life to preserving traditional Ozarks fiddle tunes. He learned from older generations of fiddlers and became known for his authentic style. Holt’s contributions to Missouri’s fiddle music cannot be overstated.

5. Howard Marshall: Howard Marshall is an accomplished fiddle player and musicologist from Missouri. He has spent years studying and documenting Missouri’s fiddle traditions, and his performances reflect a deep understanding of the instrument’s history in the state.

These are just a few of the many talented musicians who have played the official state instrument of Missouri, the fiddle. Their contributions to the music scene in Missouri and beyond have helped keep this traditional instrument alive and thriving.

Where to See and Hear the Official State Instrument of Missouri

If you want to experience the sights and sounds of the official state instrument of Missouri, the fiddle, there are several places you can go to enjoy live performances and learn more about this historic instrument.

One popular destination is the Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association, located in Branson. This organization is dedicated to preserving the art of old-time fiddling and regularly hosts events and competitions where you can see some of the best fiddlers in the state perform. They also offer workshops and lessons for those interested in learning how to play the fiddle themselves.

Another great place to experience the fiddle is at the annual Missouri Fiddling and Dancing Championship, held in Sedalia. This event brings together fiddlers from all across the state to compete for the title of Missouri State Champion Fiddler. In addition to the competition, there are also performances by renowned fiddlers and opportunities to join in on square dances and other traditional dances.

If you prefer a more casual setting, you can visit one of the many fiddle festivals held throughout the state. These festivals often feature live music, workshops, and jam sessions where fiddlers of all skill levels can come together to play and learn from each other. Some popular fiddle festivals in Missouri include the Bethel Music Festival and the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival.

For a more educational experience, you can visit the National Fiddlers Hall of Fame and Museum in Lebanon. This museum is dedicated to celebrating the history and legacy of fiddlers and features exhibits that showcase the development of the fiddle as an instrument. You can learn about famous fiddlers from Missouri and beyond, as well as explore the different styles and techniques of fiddling.

Destination Location
Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association Branson
Missouri Fiddling and Dancing Championship Sedalia
Fiddle Festivals Throughout the state
National Fiddlers Hall of Fame and Museum Lebanon

Whether you are a fan of fiddling or simply interested in learning more about Missouri’s official state instrument, these destinations offer a unique opportunity to see and hear the fiddle in action. So, plan your visit and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of Missouri!

Efforts to Preserve and Promote the Official State Instrument of Missouri

Missouri’s official state instrument, the fiddle, holds a special place in the hearts of its residents. Efforts to preserve and promote this important cultural symbol have been ongoing for years.

Various organizations and individuals have taken up the cause, recognizing the significance of the fiddle in Missouri’s musical heritage. Music schools and academies offer classes and workshops dedicated to the art of fiddling, ensuring that the skills and techniques are passed on to future generations.

The Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association is one such organization that plays a vital role in preserving and promoting the fiddle. They host regular fiddling contests and events, giving fiddlers from all walks of life a chance to showcase their talent and keep the tradition alive.

In addition to competitions, the association also hosts concerts and educational programs. These events not only provide a platform for local fiddlers to perform, but also offer opportunities for the wider public to appreciate and learn about Missouri’s fiddle music.

Another important facet of preserving and promoting the state instrument is the recording and documentation of fiddle tunes and techniques. This is done through the efforts of researchers, historians, and dedicated musicians who collect and transcribe traditional fiddle tunes.

These recordings and transcriptions serve as valuable resources for musicians and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that the rich tradition of Missouri fiddle music is accessible to all. They also contribute to the preservation of unique playing styles and regional variations that make Missouri fiddle music so distinctive.

Efforts to preserve and promote the official state instrument of Missouri are crucial in ensuring that the fiddle continues to hold its rightful place in the state’s cultural heritage. By supporting organizations like the Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association and documenting traditional fiddle music, Missourians are actively contributing to the longevity and vitality of this cherished instrument.


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