The Conclusion of the Malaysian TV Series “When Did the Glittering Days”

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By Meagan Drillinger

“When Did the Glittering Days” is a popular Malaysian TV series that captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline and compelling characters. The show, which premiered on national television in Malaysia, quickly gained a dedicated following and became a household name.

The series follows the lives of a group of friends who navigate the highs and lows of life, love, and success in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. With its blend of romance, drama, and suspense, “When Did the Glittering Days” kept viewers on the edge of their seats week after week, eagerly awaiting each new episode.

The show’s talented cast and well-written script brought the characters to life, making them relatable and endearing to the audience. Viewers became deeply invested in their stories, eagerly following their triumphs and tribulations. The series also tackled important social issues, shedding light on topics such as family dynamics, career pressures, and the pursuit of dreams.

However, all good things must come to an end. After several seasons of captivating storytelling and unforgettable moments, “When Did the Glittering Days” bid farewell to its fans. The exact date of the series finale remains etched in the memories of its loyal viewers who have been eagerly awaiting its return. Though the show has concluded, its impact and legacy continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.

Release and Popularity

“When Did the Glittering Days” is a Malaysian television series that was released on October 12, 2020. It aired on the channel TV3 and ran for a total of 31 episodes. The series was created by Andy Wijaya and starred popular Malaysian actors and actresses such as Joel Goh, Serene Lim, and Wayne Chua.

Upon its release, the series quickly gained popularity among Malaysian audiences. Viewers were drawn to the engaging storyline, well-developed characters, and high production quality. The series was praised for its portrayal of the fashion industry in Malaysia and its depiction of the struggles faced by aspiring models.

The popularity of “When Did the Glittering Days” extended beyond Malaysia, with the series being picked up by international audiences through various streaming platforms. Its availability on these platforms helped to further boost its popularity and attract a global fanbase.

To capitalize on the success of the series, merchandise related to “When Did the Glittering Days” was also released. Fans were able to purchase official merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and collectible items, further cementing the show’s popularity.

In conclusion, “When Did the Glittering Days” was released in October 2020 and became a popular Malaysian television series. It garnered a large following both domestically and internationally, thanks to its engaging storyline and well-developed characters. The availability of the series on streaming platforms and the release of official merchandise contributed to its continued popularity.

Background and Premise

When Did the Glittering Days is a popular Malaysian television series that first aired on December 13, 2019, and concluded on March 14, 2020. The series, also known as Ketika Cinta Bertasbih in Malay, was produced by Astro Shaw and directed by Azman Yahya.

The show takes place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, during the late 1990s and early 2000s. It follows the story of two childhood friends, Aiman and Rosliana, who come from different backgrounds but share a strong bond. Aiman, portrayed by Faisal Mustaffa, is a talented singer, while Rosliana, played by Nur Ruhainies, is a dedicated student striving to become a successful lawyer.

The series explores their journey through life, love, and their pursuit of dreams. It showcases the challenges they face as they navigate their respective careers and try to maintain their friendship in the face of societal expectations and personal hardships. Along the way, a love triangle develops between Aiman, Rosliana, and Izzah, played by Lara Aishah, adding further complexity to their relationships.

Through its compelling storyline and well-developed characters, When Did the Glittering Days explores themes of ambition, friendship, love, and sacrifice. The series captivated audiences with its relatable characters and emotionally charged scenes, making it a hit among Malaysian viewers.

Reception and Fanbase

“When Did the Glittering Days” garnered significant attention and praise from viewers during its broadcast. The popular Malaysian TV series received positive reviews for its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and high production value. Audiences praised the show’s ability to depict the challenges and triumphs of the main characters, creating a captivating and emotional viewing experience.

The series’ strong reception can be attributed to the talented cast and crew, who brought the story to life. With its talented ensemble of actors and actresses, “When Did the Glittering Days” succeeded in establishing a strong connection between the characters and the viewers. The chemistry between the cast members was notably praised, making the characters’ relationships feel genuine and relatable.

In addition to its captivating narrative and strong performances, “When Did the Glittering Days” was applauded for its production quality. The show’s beautiful costumes, stunning set designs, and impressive cinematography contributed to its visual appeal. The attention to detail in recreating the time period in which the series is set further enhanced the viewing experience, making it a visually immersive journey for the audience.

As the series progressed, its fanbase grew, with viewers eagerly anticipating each new episode. Fans of “When Did the Glittering Days” praised the show’s ability to evoke a range of emotions, from laughter to tears, and its knack for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The characters’ struggles and their eventual triumphs resonated with audiences, leading to a strong emotional connection between the fans and the show.

The popularity of “When Did the Glittering Days” extended beyond Malaysia, with audiences from other countries also appreciating the series. Its universal themes of love, friendship, and personal growth resonated with viewers from different cultural backgrounds, making it a relatable and enjoyable watch for a global fanbase.

Overall, “When Did the Glittering Days” received a positive reception from viewers, with its engaging storyline, talented cast, and high production value earning it a dedicated and passionate fanbase.

Cast and Characters

Belinda Lim (played by Crystal Lee) – Belinda is a successful fashion designer and Ivan’s love interest. She is torn between her feelings for Ivan and her loyalty to her best friend, Penny.

Penny Tan (played by Joey Leong) – Penny is Belinda’s best friend and also a fashion designer. She is secretly in love with Ivan and tries to sabotage his relationship with Belinda.

Ethan Yong (played by Bernard Hiew) – Ethan is Ivan’s business partner and best friend. He is always there to support Ivan but also has a hidden agenda of his own.

Catherine Tham (played by Debbie Goh) – Catherine is a detective who is investigating a case related to Ivan’s past. She is determined to uncover the truth and bring justice.

Andrew Teo (played by Jack Lim) – Andrew is Ivan’s rival in the business world. He is constantly trying to outsmart Ivan and take over his company.

Victoria Lee (played by Emily Chan) – Victoria is Ivan’s ex-girlfriend who reappears in his life, creating complications in his relationship with Belinda.

David Wong (played by Lawrence Wong) – David is a mysterious and enigmatic man who holds the key to Ivan’s past. He becomes Ivan’s mentor and guide.

Michelle Tan (played by Koe Yeet) – Michelle is Belinda’s assistant and confidante. She is always there for Belinda and provides a shoulder to lean on.

Michael Ng (played by Chris Tong) – Michael is Ivan’s trusted employee and right-hand man. He is skilled in the business world and assists Ivan in his ventures.

Main Cast

The main cast of the Malaysian TV series “When Did the Glittering Days” includes:

1. Shaun Chen as Kwee Keng Kiong

2. Chua Soo Ping as Young Kwee Keng Kiong

3. Elanne Kwong as Yuen Tsui Wan

4. Myolie Wu as Chiu Yung Yun

5. Moses Chan as Ching Si Tong

6. Kenny Wong as Kwee Chun Kwan

7. Alice Chan as Miss Lai Ah Ngan

8. Edwin Siu as Fung Tsun

9. Katy Kung as Kwee Siu Yan

10. Jinny Ng as So Mei Ling

11. Rosanne Lui as First Auntie

12. Angeline Yap as Kwee Moon Yan

13. Jeslyn Woo as Kwee Fong Yee

14. Kristal Tin as Yung Yun’s mother

15. Rachel Lam as Cheng Mun

16. Irene Wan as Yung Yun’s godmother

17. Yumiko Cheng as Fei Fei

18. Jeannie Chan as Yung Yun’s cousin

19. Carat Cheung as Kwee Chun Mei

20. Shaun Tam as Wong Chung Hin

Supporting Characters

The supporting characters in “When Did the Glittering Days” play a crucial role in shaping the storyline and adding depth to the overall narrative. Here are some of the notable supporting characters in the series:

  • Chloe Tan: The childhood friend of the main female lead, Chloe is a loyal and caring character who provides emotional support.
  • David Lee: As the best friend of the main male lead, David adds comic relief with his light-hearted personality and witty remarks.
  • Madeline Lim: Madeline serves as the antagonist in the series, creating conflicts and obstacles for the main characters.
  • Alexander Chong: Alexander is a successful businessman and mentor to the main male lead, offering guidance and advice.
  • Amanda Cheng: Amanda is the sister of the main male lead and has a complicated relationship with him, contributing to the drama in the series.

These supporting characters, along with others in the series, bring depth and complexity to the storyline of “When Did the Glittering Days,” making it a captivating watch for viewers.

Plot and Storyline

The Malaysian TV series “When Did the Glittering Days” tells the story of a group of friends who grew up in a small village together. As they embark on their journey into adulthood, they face various challenges and obstacles that test their friendships and shape their lives.

The series revolves around the life of Chen Feiyu, a talented and ambitious young man who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is supported by his childhood friends, including Zhang Jingmei, a kind-hearted and compassionate girl, and Li Chengming, a talented musician.

As the friends navigate the ups and downs of life, they encounter love, betrayal, and personal growth. Chen Feiyu finds himself torn between his career aspirations and his love for Zhang Jingmei, while Li Chengming struggles to overcome his troubled past and find his true self.

Throughout the series, the characters face various challenges in their personal and professional lives, including family conflicts, financial difficulties, and societal expectations. As they overcome these obstacles, they learn valuable lessons about friendship, love, and the pursuit of their dreams.

The plot of “When Did the Glittering Days” is filled with twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged and eager to see how the characters’ stories unfold. With its relatable characters and compelling storyline, the series explores themes of resilience, friendship, and self-discovery.

The series concludes with a satisfying ending, as the characters learn from their experiences and find happiness and success in their own unique ways.

Engaging Story Arcs

The Glittering Days is known for its captivating story arcs that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The drama series features multiple compelling storylines that intertwine and unfold over time, creating a complex and engaging narrative.

One of the main story arcs centers around the lives of two sisters, Mei Mei and Man Man, who are forced to navigate the challenges and hardships of their family’s struggling business. As they strive to keep the business afloat, they face numerous obstacles and conflicts, including financial troubles and rivalries.

Another prominent storyline involves a love triangle between Mei Mei, Man Man, and a charismatic businessman named Sheng Jie. This romantic subplot adds an element of tension and drama to the series, as both sisters develop feelings for Sheng Jie and must confront their emotions.

Additionally, The Glittering Days explores themes of friendship, betrayal, and ambition through its supporting characters. The series introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and desires. The intersecting storylines create a sense of intrigue and suspense, as viewers eagerly anticipate how the characters’ paths will cross and the consequences of their actions.

The Glittering Days is praised for its well-crafted story arcs that balance moments of excitement, romance, and emotional depth. By crafting complex characters and intricate plotlines, the series keeps viewers invested and eager to discover what happens next.


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