Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee, also known as Music City, is a vibrant and exciting destination for travelers. With its rich history and thriving music scene, this city has something to offer for everyone. From the famous honky-tonks on Broadway to the historic landmarks, Nashville is a must-visit city in the United States.

One of the top attractions in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry, a legendary country music venue that has been hosting live performances since 1925. Known as the “home of American music,” the Grand Ole Opry showcases the best country, bluegrass, and Americana acts. Visitors can enjoy unforgettable performances by both established musicians and up-and-coming artists.

Another popular tourist spot is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This iconic institution celebrates the history and power of country music through interactive exhibits, artifacts, and memorabilia. Visitors can learn about the genre’s roots, explore the lives of their favorite country artists, and even try their hand at playing a musical instrument.

No visit to Nashville would be complete without a trip to the Ryman Auditorium. Known as the “Mother Church of Country Music,” the Ryman is a historic music venue that has hosted legendary performances by artists such as Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Visitors can take a tour of the venue, learn about its illustrious history, and even catch a live performance.

If you’re looking for a taste of Nashville’s vibrant nightlife, head to Broadway. This bustling street is lined with honky-tonks, bars, and live music venues, offering a lively atmosphere and a chance to experience the city’s famous live music scene firsthand. From traditional country music to rock and blues, there’s a genre for every music lover on Broadway.

In addition to its music scene, Nashville also offers a range of other attractions. The Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the original in Athens, Greece, is a must-visit for art and history enthusiasts. The Nashville Zoo, with its diverse collection of animals, is a great spot for families with kids. And for those who love the outdoors, Centennial Park offers acres of green space, walking trails, and a beautiful lake.

In conclusion, Nashville, TN is a top-rated tourist destination that offers a mix of history, culture, and entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of country music or simply love exploring new cities, Nashville has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the sights and sounds of Music City!

Explore The Best of Nashville

When visiting Nashville, there are countless attractions and activities to explore. From its rich musical history to its vibrant food scene, this city has something for everyone. Whether you’re a country music fan or a foodie looking for delicious Southern cuisine, Nashville is sure to satisfy your interests. Here are some must-visit places in Nashville:

  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: Immerse yourself in the country music world by visiting this iconic museum. Discover the stories and artifacts of legendary artists that have shaped the genre.
  • The Ryman Auditorium: Known as the “Mother Church of Country Music,” this historic venue has hosted legendary performances by artists like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Take a guided tour and experience the magic of this landmark.
  • Broadway: Located in downtown Nashville, Broadway is a lively street filled with honky-tonks, live music venues, and restaurants. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and catch some great live performances.
  • Centennial Park: This beautiful park is home to the iconic Parthenon replica, which houses an art museum. Take a walk, have a picnic, or admire the picturesque surroundings.
  • The Gulch: This trendy neighborhood is known for its vibrant art scene, upscale dining options, and unique boutiques. Explore the colorful murals, enjoy a gourmet meal, or shop for unique gifts.
  • Grand Ole Opry: No visit to Nashville would be complete without experiencing a show at the Grand Ole Opry. This world-famous venue is where country music legends have performed for decades.

These are just a few highlights of what Nashville has to offer. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a returning traveler, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in this dynamic city.

Historic Ryman Auditorium

The Historic Ryman Auditorium, located in downtown Nashville, is one of the most iconic music venues in the United States. Originally built in 1892 as the Union Gospel Tabernacle, the venue has a rich history and has played a significant role in the development of country music.

The Ryman Auditorium is often referred to as the “Mother Church of Country Music” due to its historic significance. It was originally a place of worship and hosted religious events, but it quickly gained popularity as a venue for concerts and performances.

Over the years, the Ryman Auditorium has hosted some of the biggest names in music, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline. It has also been a popular venue for the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music radio show that is still broadcast from the auditorium.

Visitors to the Ryman Auditorium can take a guided tour of the venue, which includes a visit to the stage, backstage areas, and the dressing rooms. The tour provides a fascinating insight into the history of country music and the artists who have graced the stage of the auditorium.

The Ryman Auditorium is not only a music venue but also an architectural gem. The building features stunning Gothic Revival architecture, with intricate detailing and beautiful stained glass windows. The venue underwent a major renovation in the 1990s to restore its original beauty, and today it stands as a testament to the history and culture of Nashville.

Whether you’re a fan of country music or simply appreciate historic buildings, a visit to the Ryman Auditorium is a must when in Nashville. It offers a unique experience, allowing you to step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of this vibrant city.

The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a legendary country music venue located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one of the longest-running live radio shows in the world and has been showcasing country music since 1925.

The Opry has been hosted at different locations throughout its history, but it is currently held at the Grand Ole Opry House, a beautiful theater known for its iconic barn-like architecture. The theater can accommodate over 4,000 audience members and provides an intimate and authentic country music experience.

The Grand Ole Opry features performances by both established country music artists and up-and-coming talent. The lineup often includes a mix of traditional country music, bluegrass, and contemporary country hits. Many legendary artists have graced the Opry stage, including Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, and Garth Brooks.

Attending a show at the Grand Ole Opry is a must-do experience for any country music fan. The atmosphere is energetic and the performances are always top-notch. It’s a chance to see some of the biggest names in the industry and discover new artists that are sure to become future stars.

In addition to the regular live shows, the Grand Ole Opry also offers backstage tours that provide a behind-the-scenes look at this historic institution. Visitors can explore the artists’ dressing rooms, walk on the Opry stage, and even stand in the famous circle of wood that was taken from the original Opry House.

Whether you’re a die-hard country music fan or simply appreciate the genre, a visit to the Grand Ole Opry is a must when in Nashville. It’s a truly unique and iconic attraction that continues to honor and showcase the best of country music through its world-renowned performances.

Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame is one of Nashville’s most iconic attractions. It is a museum and research center dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history and traditions of country music. The museum features a vast collection of artifacts, exhibits, and memorabilia that tell the story of country music, from its roots to present day.

Visitors to the Country Music Hall of Fame can explore the various exhibits and displays that showcase the lives and careers of country music’s greatest legends, including Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams. The museum also offers interactive exhibits, giving visitors a chance to experience the music and culture firsthand.

In addition to its exhibits, the Country Music Hall of Fame hosts live performances, educational programs, and special events throughout the year. The museum’s ACM Honors ceremony recognizes the contributions of artists, musicians, and industry professionals to the country music genre.

Address 222 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone (615) 416-2001
Hours Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm, Sunday: 10am-5pm

Whether you’re a die-hard country music fan or simply interested in the genre’s rich history, a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame is a must when in Nashville. It offers an immersive and educational experience that highlights the impact of country music on American culture.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It is located in Centennial Park and is a popular tourist attraction in Nashville. Built in 1897 for the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, the Parthenon serves as an art museum today.

The Parthenon houses a permanent collection of art from the 19th and 20th centuries, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. The centerpiece of the museum is a 42-foot-tall replica of the Athena Parthenos statue, which was the largest indoor sculpture in the Western world when it was created.

Inside the Parthenon, visitors can also explore various exhibits that provide insight into the history and significance of the original Parthenon. These exhibits showcase ancient Greek artifacts and highlight the architectural features and cultural impact of the iconic temple.

The exterior of the Parthenon is just as impressive as the interior. The temple’s facade is adorned with intricate carvings and features a grand staircase leading up to the entrance. The surrounding park provides a picturesque setting for visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty of this architectural gem.

Whether you’re interested in art, history, or simply appreciate stunning architecture, a visit to the Parthenon is a must when in Nashville. It offers a unique opportunity to experience a piece of ancient Greek history right in the heart of Tennessee.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art

The Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art is a must-visit attraction in Nashville. Located on the historic Cheek estate, this beautiful 55-acre property features stunning gardens, an impressive art collection, and a vibrant cultural hub.

The botanical gardens at Cheekwood are a breathtaking sight to behold. Visitors can wander through the manicured gardens, which showcase a diverse range of plant species and stunning floral displays. From colorful blooms to tranquil streams and peaceful walking paths, there is something for everyone to enjoy in these gardens.

In addition to its natural beauty, Cheekwood is also home to a notable art collection. The Museum of Art houses various exhibits that showcase works of art from different periods and genres. From contemporary art to classical sculptures, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of art and culture.

The property also hosts several events and exhibitions throughout the year, including outdoor concerts, art fairs, and seasonal festivals. These events provide a unique opportunity to experience the Cheekwood gardens and art in a different light while enjoying live music and entertainment.

For those interested in learning more about the property’s history, guided tours are available. Knowledgeable guides will take visitors through the gardens and provide insights into the Cheek family’s legacy and the cultural significance of the estate.

Whether you are a nature lover, art enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. Don’t miss the chance to explore the beauty and rich cultural heritage of this Nashville treasure.

Frist Art Museum

The Frist Art Museum, located in Nashville, TN, is a contemporary art museum housed in a historic Art Deco building. The museum offers a diverse and ever-changing collection of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, photography, and more.

Originally built as a post office in 1933, the Frist Art Museum reopened as an art museum in 2001 after undergoing extensive renovations. The museum’s unique architecture and design make it a popular attraction for both art lovers and history enthusiasts.

Visitors to the Frist Art Museum can explore the various exhibitions on display, which often feature works by both local and international artists. The museum also hosts educational programs, workshops, and lectures to engage visitors of all ages and interests.

Location 919 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203
Hours Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Wednesday: 10am-5:30pm

Thursday-Friday: 10am-9pm

Saturday: 10am-5:30pm

Sunday: 1pm-5:30pm

Admission Adults: $15

Seniors (65+): $10

College Students (with ID): $10

Youth (18 and under): Free


Whether you’re a fan of contemporary art or simply looking to explore Nashville’s cultural scene, a visit to the Frist Art Museum is a must. With its stunning exhibitions, educational programs, and rich history, this museum offers a unique and memorable experience for all visitors.

Belle Meade Plantation

The Belle Meade Plantation is a historic landmark located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was once one of the largest and most successful thoroughbred horse farms in the United States. Today, it serves as a museum and educational center, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich history of the South.

Visitors to the Belle Meade Plantation can take guided tours of the beautifully preserved antebellum mansion, which was built in the Greek Revival style. The mansion is filled with period furnishings and decorative arts, providing an authentic glimpse into the lives of the plantation’s owners and the enslaved individuals who worked the land.

In addition to the mansion, the plantation grounds also offer visitors the opportunity to explore the original outbuildings, including the plantation office, dairy, carriage house, and slave quarters. These structures provide further insight into the daily operations and rhythms of life on the plantation.

One of the highlights of a visit to the Belle Meade Plantation is the chance to meet the resident horses. The plantation’s rich equine history is showcased through the onsite horse stable, where visitors can learn about the importance of thoroughbred racing in Tennessee and meet some of the current equine residents.

For those interested in the history of the Civil War, the Belle Meade Plantation offers a unique perspective. During the war, the plantation was occupied by both Confederate and Union forces, and the property’s history reflects the complex and tumultuous events of the time.

Overall, a visit to the Belle Meade Plantation offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of the South, highlighting the stories of both the wealthy plantation owners and the enslaved individuals who played a crucial role in the daily operations of the plantation.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

The Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is the historic plantation and home of the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, this National Historic Landmark offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time and learn about the life and legacy of one of America’s most influential presidents.

The Hermitage is meticulously preserved and restored to its early 19th-century appearance, allowing visitors to explore the mansion and grounds as they would have looked during Jackson’s time. The mansion features period furnishings and personal belongings of Jackson and his family, providing a fascinating glimpse into their lives. Knowledgeable guides offer tours of the mansion, sharing stories and insights about Jackson’s presidency and the era in which he lived.

In addition to the mansion, the Hermitage boasts beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds, including Jackson’s tomb, where both Andrew and his wife Rachel are buried. Visitors can also explore the slave quarters and the storied garden, which is believed to have been designed by Jackson himself.

Address 4580 Rachel’s Lane, Nashville, TN 37076
Hours Open daily from 9am to 5pm
Admission Adults: $22, Seniors (62+): $19, Children (5-18): $14

Visiting the Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is an immersive experience that offers a unique glimpse into the life and times of one of America’s most iconic presidents. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply looking to learn more about the country’s past, a visit to the Hermitage is a must-see when in Nashville.

Johnny Cash Museum

The Johnny Cash Museum is a must-visit for fans of the iconic singer-songwriter. Located in downtown Nashville, the museum is dedicated to all things Johnny Cash and impeccably showcases the life and career of the “Man in Black.”

The museum boasts an impressive collection of memorabilia, including Cash’s stage costumes, instruments, handwritten song lyrics, and personal artifacts. Visitors can explore the exhibits, which are thoughtfully curated to provide a comprehensive look into Cash’s life and musical journey.

One of the highlights of the museum is the “Walk the Line” exhibit, which takes visitors on a chronological journey through Cash’s life. From his early years in Arkansas to his rise to fame and his impact on country music, this exhibit offers a fascinating glimpse into the man behind the legend.

Another popular attraction at the Johnny Cash Museum is the Cash family cabin. This replica cabin gives visitors a sense of the humble beginnings of the Cash family and offers a unique perspective on Cash’s early life.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum also features a gift shop where fans can purchase Johnny Cash merchandise and souvenirs. From t-shirts and posters to CDs and vinyl records, there is something for every Johnny Cash enthusiast.

Whether you’re a die-hard Johnny Cash fan or simply interested in learning more about one of the most influential musicians of all time, a visit to the Johnny Cash Museum is a must. Immerse yourself in the life and music of this legendary artist and gain a deeper appreciation for his enduring legacy.

The District

The District is a vibrant and lively neighborhood located in downtown Nashville. It is known for its lively music scene and is often considered the heart of the city’s entertainment industry. This historic area is home to numerous live music venues, honky-tonks, and restaurants that showcase the best of Nashville’s music heritage.

One of the most iconic landmarks in The District is the famous Ryman Auditorium, also known as the “Mother Church of Country Music.” Built in 1892, this historic music venue has hosted legendary performances by artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Dolly Parton. Visitors can take a guided tour of the auditorium to learn more about its rich history and enjoy live performances on its iconic stage.

Another must-visit attraction in The District is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. This world-class museum celebrates the history and heritage of country music and features exhibits on some of the genre’s biggest stars. Visitors can explore interactive displays, view rare artifacts, and learn about the evolution of country music through the years.

The District is also known for its thriving nightlife scene. Broadway, the main street in The District, is lined with bars, restaurants, and music venues. Visitors can hop from one honky-tonk to another, enjoying live music performances and soaking up the lively atmosphere that Nashville is famous for.

Highlighted attractions in The District:
Ryman Auditorium
Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
The Johnny Cash Museum
Printers Alley

Overall, The District is a must-visit destination for music lovers and anyone looking to experience the vibrant culture and nightlife that Nashville has to offer.

Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a must-visit attraction for animal lovers of all ages. Located just a few miles from downtown Nashville, this 188-acre zoo is home to over 3,000 animals from all around the world.

One of the highlights of the zoo is the Kangaroo Kickabout, an immersive exhibit where visitors can get up close and personal with kangaroos and wallabies. You can even pet and feed them under the supervision of zookeepers.

Another popular exhibit is the African Savannah, which is home to giraffes, zebras, and rhinos. You can watch these majestic creatures roam freely in their spacious habitats. Don’t forget to check out the daily giraffe feedings, where you can see these gentle giants up close.

If you’re a fan of big cats, then you’ll love the HCA Healthcare Veterinary Center. Here, you can observe the zoo’s lions and tigers being examined and treated by the veterinary staff. It’s a unique opportunity to learn about animal care and conservation efforts.

The Nashville Zoo also offers a variety of educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. From summer camps for kids to behind-the-scenes tours for adults, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and learn.

After exploring the zoo, be sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up a souvenir or grab a bite to eat at one of the on-site restaurants. The Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is a fun and educational experience that should not be missed during your visit to Nashville.

Ascend Amphitheater

The Ascend Amphitheater is an outdoor music venue located in downtown Nashville. It provides a stunning setting for live concerts and events, with its beautiful waterfront location on the Cumberland River.

The amphitheater has a seating capacity of up to 6,800 people, offering both reserved seating and general admission lawn seating. It features state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, ensuring an unforgettable music experience for all attendees.

Throughout the year, the Ascend Amphitheater hosts a variety of concerts, including performances by well-known artists and bands from various genres. From country and rock to pop and hip-hop, there is something for everyone’s musical taste.

One of the highlights of the amphitheater is its unique design, which allows for excellent sightlines from every seat. Whether you’re in the front row or on the lawn, you’ll have a great view of the stage and the performers.

In addition to concerts, the Ascend Amphitheater also hosts other events such as festivals, community gatherings, and fundraisers. It serves as a hub for Nashville’s vibrant music scene and is a must-visit attraction for music lovers and tourists alike.

When attending a concert at the Ascend Amphitheater, it is recommended to arrive early to secure a good spot, as popular shows can fill up quickly. There is also plenty of nearby parking available, as well as various dining options within walking distance.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Nashville, the Ascend Amphitheater is a premier destination for live music and entertainment. Be sure to check their schedule and catch a show during your time in the “Music City”!

Tennessee State Capitol

The Tennessee State Capitol, located in Nashville, is a historic landmark and the seat of government for the state of Tennessee. Built in the Greek Revival architectural style, the Capitol’s construction was completed in 1859. It is one of the oldest working state capitol buildings in the United States.

The exterior of the Tennessee State Capitol features a Neoclassical design with a pediment supported by Doric columns. The grand building stands tall on a hill, commanding panoramic views of the surrounding area. Visitors can explore the beautifully landscaped grounds and enjoy the statue of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, which stands prominently in front of the Capitol.

Inside the Capitol, visitors can take guided tours to learn about Tennessee’s rich history and the functions of state government. The interior is adorned with intricate architectural details, including Corinthian columns, ornate plasterwork, and a stunning dome with a painted ceiling depicting scenes from important moments in Tennessee history.

One of the highlights of a visit to the Tennessee State Capitol is the House and Senate chambers. These historic rooms feature original furniture and décor, giving visitors a glimpse into the past. Visitors can also view the Governor’s Office, which is beautifully restored to its 19th-century appearance.

The Tennessee State Capitol is not only a place of government, but also a place of civic engagement and a symbol of Tennessee’s rich heritage. It is a must-visit destination for history buffs and those interested in learning about the state’s political history.

Visiting the Tennessee State Capitol is free, and guided tours are available for visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the building’s history and significance. It is an iconic landmark that should not be missed for anyone visiting Nashville, Tennessee.

Jackalope Brewing Company

The Jackalope Brewing Company is a popular microbrewery located in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2011, Jackalope has quickly become a favorite stop for beer enthusiasts in the city.

Known for their innovative and diverse brews, Jackalope offers a wide range of beers to suit any palate. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, smooth stouts, or refreshing lagers, you’re sure to find something you love at Jackalope.

One of the standout features of the Jackalope Brewing Company is their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. They pride themselves on supporting local farmers and businesses, and this dedication to quality and community really shines through in their beers.

In addition to their excellent beer, Jackalope also offers brewery tours where you can learn more about the brewing process and see how their unique beers are crafted. The knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer any questions and share their passion for beer.

If you’re a beer lover visiting Nashville, a trip to the Jackalope Brewing Company is a must. With their delicious brews, friendly staff, and commitment to local sourcing, they have earned their place as one of the top tourist attractions in Nashville.

Nissan Stadium

Nissan Stadium, formerly known as LP Field, is the home of the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans and the Tennessee State University Tigers football team.

This multi-purpose stadium is located on the east bank of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It has a seating capacity of approximately 69,143, making it one of the largest stadiums in the NFL.

Nissan Stadium opened in 1999 and has hosted numerous major events, including the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, international soccer matches, and concerts by world-renowned artists.

The stadium features a unique seating bowl design that provides excellent sightlines and an intimate viewing experience for fans. It also boasts state-of-the-art amenities, including club seating areas, luxury suites, and premium dining options.

One of the most iconic features of Nissan Stadium is the giant, 207-foot-wide scoreboard that spans the entire length of the playing field. This state-of-the-art video display provides fans with crystal-clear replays and highlights throughout the game.

Visitors to Nissan Stadium can also take a guided tour of the facility, where they can explore the locker rooms, field level, and other behind-the-scenes areas. The stadium also has a retail store where fans can purchase Titans merchandise and memorabilia.

Whether you’re a sports fan, a music lover, or just looking for an exciting experience in Nashville, a visit to Nissan Stadium is a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a Tennessee Titans game or attend one of the many other events held at this iconic venue.

Please note that due to ongoing events, some attractions and amenities at Nissan Stadium may be temporarily closed or operating at reduced capacity. It’s always a good idea to check the official website or contact the venue for the most up-to-date information before planning your visit.


What are the top-rated tourist attractions in Nashville, TN?

Some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Nashville, TN include the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, the Grand Ole Opry, the Parthenon, the Johnny Cash Museum, and the Ryman Auditorium.

Can you suggest some must-visit places in Nashville?

Yes, some must-visit places in Nashville are the Honky Tonk Highway, where you can listen to live country music, the Bluebird Cafe, known for its intimate concerts, and the Gulch, a trendy neighborhood with shops and restaurants.

What can I see at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum?

At the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, you can see exhibits on the history of country music, memorabilia from famous country artists, and live performances. You can also take a tour of Historic RCA Studio B, where many classic country albums were recorded.

Is the Grand Ole Opry a must-visit attraction?

Yes, the Grand Ole Opry is considered a must-visit attraction in Nashville. It is a historic country music venue where you can see live performances by both legendary and up-and-coming artists. The Opry has been showcasing country music since 1925.

What can I expect to see at the Parthenon?

At the Parthenon in Nashville, you can expect to see a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Inside the building, there is an art gallery that houses a collection of American paintings. The Parthenon is also located in Centennial Park, which has walking trails and picnic areas.


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