Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Richmond, VA


By Lucas Reynolds

Nestled along the scenic James River, Richmond, VA is a vibrant city brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. From its charming cobblestone streets, lined with historic buildings and eclectic boutiques, to its world-class museums and picturesque parks, this Southern gem offers an array of top-rated tourist attractions for every type of traveler.

One iconic landmark that should not be missed is the Virginia State Capitol. Designed by Thomas Jefferson, this architectural masterpiece is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia and holds a storied history within its walls. Visitors can take guided tours to learn about the Capitol’s role in shaping American democracy and marvel at its neoclassical design.

No visit to Richmond would be complete without exploring the Museum District, a cultural hub boasting several world-class institutions. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts stands out as a must-visit attraction, showcasing an impressive collection of art spanning thousands of years. From ancient Egyptian artifacts to modern masterpieces, art enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the museum’s diverse exhibits.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a visit to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a must. This sprawling garden oasis features meticulously maintained gardens, tranquil water features, and seasonal displays that change with the colors of the year. Whether you’re strolling through the Japanese Garden or admiring the vibrant blooms in the Rose Garden, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Richmond is also renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, with an abundance of award-winning restaurants and innovative eateries. From farm-to-table establishments serving up Southern-inspired cuisine to trendy coffee shops and breweries, food lovers will find themselves spoiled for choice. Don’t miss out on trying the city’s famous Chesapeake Bay blue crabs or indulging in a mouthwatering slice of the city’s renowned pizza.

With its wealth of historical sites, cultural attractions, and natural beauty, Richmond, VA is a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, art enthusiast, nature lover, or foodie, this charming city is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Maymont Park

Maymont Park is a stunning 100-acre estate located in Richmond, VA. It is a popular tourist attraction that offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages.

The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, including a Japanese garden, Italian garden, and a rose garden. These gardens are meticulously maintained and provide a peaceful oasis for relaxation and enjoying nature.

One of the highlights of Maymont Park is the Maymont Mansion, a grand mansion that was once the home of James and Sallie Dooley. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mansion to learn about the history and architecture of this impressive building.

Another popular attraction at Maymont Park is the Maymont Nature Center, which features a variety of native animals and plants. Visitors can explore the center’s interactive exhibits and meet animals such as turtles, snakes, and birds of prey.

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Maymont Park offers miles of scenic walking trails, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk. The park also has picnic areas and a children’s farm, where kids can interact with farm animals.

Pro tip: Don’t miss the Maymont Park’s Carriage House, where you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful horses that pull carriages during special events and weddings held at the park.

Visiting Maymont Park is a great way to experience the beauty and history of Richmond, VA. Whether you’re interested in gardens, history, or outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this top-rated tourist attraction.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the top tourist attractions in Richmond, Virginia. It is known for its extensive collection of art from around the world. Established in 1936, the museum has grown to become one of the largest comprehensive art museums in the United States.

The museum showcases a wide range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, and photography. The permanent collection includes works from renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Georgia O’Keeffe. There are also rotating exhibits that feature different periods and styles of art, offering visitors a diverse and enriching experience.

In addition to its impressive art collection, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts offers various educational programs and events. Visitors can participate in guided tours, lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities. The museum also has a cinema that screens art films and documentaries, further enhancing the cultural experience.

The museum is housed in a modern building with spacious galleries and stunning architecture. Its beautiful outdoor sculpture garden provides a serene and tranquil environment for visitors to relax and appreciate art in nature.

Located on Arthur Ashe Boulevard, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is easily accessible and offers free admission to its permanent collection. It is a must-visit destination for art lovers and anyone interested in exploring the rich cultural heritage of Virginia.

Address 200 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond, VA 23220
Phone (804) 340-1400

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery is a historic and picturesque cemetery located in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of the most renowned cemeteries in the United States and a popular tourist attraction.

This beautiful cemetery is known for its stunning views of the James River and its serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is a perfect place to walk, relax, and appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Hollywood Cemetery is not only a place of rest for the deceased, but also a place of historical significance. Many notable figures from Richmond’s history, including presidents, politicians, and military leaders, are buried here.

One of the most famous graves at Hollywood Cemetery is that of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. His monument, a large bronze statue surrounded by a beautiful garden, is a must-see for history enthusiasts.

Another notable feature of Hollywood Cemetery is the Richmond National Cemetery, which is located within its grounds. This cemetery is the final resting place for thousands of soldiers who fought in various wars, including the American Civil War.

In addition to its historical and cultural importance, Hollywood Cemetery is also known for its impressive architecture and artwork. The cemetery is filled with beautiful mausoleums, sculptures, and gravestones, making it a unique destination for art lovers.

A visit to Hollywood Cemetery is not only an opportunity to pay respects to the deceased, but also a chance to explore Richmond’s rich history and enjoy the beauty of this historic landmark.

Note: Please be respectful when visiting Hollywood Cemetery, as it is a place of rest and reflection for many individuals and families.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a breathtaking and tranquil oasis in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. Spanning over 50 acres, this top-rated tourist attraction offers a diverse array of stunning gardens, vibrant displays, and educational programs.

Visitors to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden can explore a wide variety of themed gardens, each with its own unique beauty. From the enchanting Rose Garden, with its vibrant blooms and captivating scents, to the serene Asian Valley, featuring a peaceful bamboo forest and a traditional Japanese teahouse, there is something to delight the senses of every visitor.

One of the highlights of the garden is the stunning Conservatory, a glass-enclosed paradise filled with exotic plants from around the world. Inside, visitors can stroll through the lush Tropical and Subtropical Gardens, marvel at the vibrant orchid collection, and take in the fragrant aroma of the Euphorbia and Bromeliad Gardens.

The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden also offers a range of educational programs and events, making it a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and families alike. Visitors can participate in guided tours, attend horticulture classes, or take part in hands-on workshops. The garden also hosts seasonal events, such as the Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights during the holidays, where thousands of twinkling lights transform the garden into a magical wonderland.

Whether you’re a botany enthusiast or simply looking for a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a must-visit destination in Richmond. Its natural beauty, diverse collection of plants, and engaging educational programs make it a true gem in the heart of Virginia.

Virginia State Capitol

The Virginia State Capitol is one of the most iconic and historically significant landmarks in Richmond, Virginia. Located in Capitol Square, the Capitol building serves as the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Designed by renowned architect Thomas Jefferson, the Virginia State Capitol is a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture. Construction of the Capitol began in 1785 and was completed in 1788, making it the oldest active legislative building in the United States.

The Capitol building is home to the General Assembly, the oldest continuous law-making body in the New World. Visitors can explore the historic House of Delegates and Senate chambers, as well as the Governor’s office and the Old Hall of the House.

One of the most significant features of the Capitol is the Rotunda. Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, the Rotunda is a circular room with a stunning dome ceiling. It houses a bronze statue of George Washington, the first President of the United States and a native Virginian.

Address 1000 Bank Street, Richmond, VA 23219
Phone (804) 698-1788

Guided tours of the Virginia State Capitol are available for visitors, providing insights into its rich history and architectural features. The Capitol Square also features beautiful gardens and statues that add to the overall appeal of the area.

Visiting the Virginia State Capitol is a must for history enthusiasts and anyone interested in learning more about Virginia’s role in shaping the United States. It is a symbol of democracy and a reminder of the state’s important contributions to American history.

Science Museum of Virginia

The Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond is a top-rated tourist attraction for families and science enthusiasts alike. It offers a wide range of interactive exhibits and educational programs that engage visitors of all ages.

One of the highlights of the museum is the Dome Theater, which features a state-of-the-art giant screen that immerses viewers in breathtaking films and educational presentations. From exploring the depths of the ocean to journeying through outer space, the Dome Theater provides an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The museum also houses a variety of permanent exhibits that showcase the wonders of science. The Natural World Gallery allows visitors to explore the diversity of life on Earth and learn about the interconnectedness of ecosystems. The Speed exhibit offers a hands-on experience in physics and motion, while the Boost exhibit engages visitors with interactive experiments in energy and engineering.

In addition to its permanent exhibits, the Science Museum of Virginia hosts traveling exhibits on a regular basis. These exhibits cover a wide range of topics, from dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to space exploration and technological innovations. These rotating exhibits ensure that there is always something new and exciting to discover at the museum.

The Science Museum of Virginia is not just a place for learning, but also a hub for scientific exploration and experimentation. It offers a variety of programs and workshops that encourage visitors to engage with science in a hands-on way. From building robots to conducting chemistry experiments, these activities provide a fun and interactive learning experience.

Overall, the Science Museum of Virginia is a must-visit attraction in Richmond. Whether you’re a science enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and educational experience, the museum offers something for everyone.

Address: 2500 West Broad Street, Richmond, VA 23220

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9:30am-5pm, Sunday: 11:30am-5pm

Admission: Adults: $15, Children (ages 3-12): $13, Seniors (ages 60+): $14, Members: Free

Virginia Holocaust Museum

If you’re interested in history and want to learn more about the Holocaust, a visit to the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond is a must. This thought-provoking museum is dedicated to educating visitors about the events of the Holocaust and its lessons for today.

The museum features a wide range of exhibits that provide a comprehensive overview of the Holocaust. You’ll find photographs, artifacts, and personal stories that bring the history to life. One of the most powerful exhibits is the “Train Car,” which allows visitors to experience the cramped conditions that victims were forced to endure during transportation to concentration camps.

The Virginia Holocaust Museum also offers interactive displays and multimedia presentations that delve deeper into specific aspects of the Holocaust. These displays provide a deeper understanding of the persecution of Jews and other groups, as well as the bravery and resistance that emerged during this dark period of history.

Aside from the exhibits, the museum also hosts lectures and workshops that further explore the Holocaust’s significance and impact. These educational programs provide an opportunity for visitors to engage with experts and scholars, deepening their understanding and fostering important discussions.

Visiting the Virginia Holocaust Museum is not just a passive experience – it’s an opportunity for reflection, learning, and understanding. The museum’s mission is to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust is never forgotten and that its lessons are used to combat prejudice, discrimination, and hatred in today’s world.

If you’re in Richmond, be sure to set aside time to visit the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It’s a powerful and educational experience that will leave a lasting impact on your understanding of the Holocaust and human history.

Museum of the Confederacy

The Museum of the Confederacy is a must-visit attraction in Richmond, VA for history enthusiasts and those interested in the American Civil War. The museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history and culture of the Confederate States of America.

The collections at the Museum of the Confederacy include a wide range of artifacts, documents, and personal items that provide valuable insights into the lives of soldiers, civilians, and leaders during the Civil War. Visitors can explore numerous galleries, each offering a unique perspective on the Confederate experience.

One of the highlights of the museum is the extensive collection of firearms and weapons used during the war. From rifles and pistols to artillery, the exhibits showcase the advancements in weaponry and the strategies employed by both Union and Confederate forces.

Another notable feature of the Museum of the Confederacy is the poignant exhibit dedicated to the lives and stories of African Americans during the Civil War era. This exhibit sheds light on the experiences of enslaved individuals, free blacks, and soldiers who served in segregated units.

The museum also places a strong emphasis on interpreting the causes and consequences of the Civil War. Through interactive displays, documentaries, and educational programs, visitors can gain a comprehensive understanding of the political, social, and economic factors that led to the conflict and its profound impact on the nation.

With its rich collection and informative exhibits, the Museum of the Confederacy offers visitors a compelling opportunity to engage with the complex history of the Confederacy and the American Civil War. Whether you are a history buff or simply curious about this pivotal period in American history, a visit to this museum is sure to be a thought-provoking and enlightening experience.

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is a must-visit attraction for literature enthusiasts and fans of the macabre. Located in Richmond, VA, the museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the life and works of the famous American writer Edgar Allan Poe.

Visitors to the museum can explore the various artifacts, manuscripts, and personal belongings that belonged to Poe himself. The museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and mind of one of America’s greatest literary figures.

One of the highlights of the museum is the exhibit on Poe’s most famous poem, “The Raven.” Visitors can learn about the inspiration behind the poem and see original manuscripts and illustrations related to its creation.

In addition to the exhibits, the museum offers guided tours and educational programs for visitors of all ages. These programs provide valuable insights into Poe’s life and literary contributions, making it a great destination for students and scholars alike.

The museum is housed in several historic buildings, including the Old Stone House, which is the oldest residential structure in Richmond. Its picturesque gardens and courtyard create a serene and atmospheric setting for visitors to explore and reflect on Poe’s legacy.

For fans of Poe’s dark and mysterious tales, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum is a must-visit destination in Richmond, VA. From the personal artifacts to the educational programs, the museum offers an immersive experience into the world of one of America’s most celebrated writers.

Whether you are a literature lover or simply intrigued by the fascinating life of Edgar Allan Poe, a visit to this unique museum is sure to leave a lasting impression.

James River

The James River is a prominent feature in the city of Richmond, Virginia, offering a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. It is one of the longest rivers in the state, stretching approximately 340 miles from its source in the Allegheny Mountains to its mouth at the Chesapeake Bay.

The river provides a picturesque setting for various activities such as kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, and fishing. Its calm and gentle currents make it ideal for water sports enthusiasts of all skill levels. Visitors can rent equipment or join guided tours to explore the river and enjoy the scenic beauty of its surroundings.

In addition to water-based activities, the James River is also home to several parks and trails, making it a popular destination for hikers, joggers, and cyclists. The James River Park System, with over 550 acres of natural terrain, offers a network of trails that wind through woodlands, meadows, and along the river’s edge. The park also features several scenic overlooks, picnic areas, and even an urban whitewater park for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

The river has strong historical significance in the region as well. It played a vital role during the American Civil War, with significant battles and military operations taking place along its banks. Visitors can explore historic sites and learn about the river’s role in shaping the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, relaxation, or a glimpse into history, the James River offers something for everyone. Its natural beauty and recreational opportunities make it a must-visit attraction in Richmond, Virginia.

Monument Avenue

Monument Avenue is one of the most iconic and historic streets in Richmond, Virginia. It is lined with beautiful tree-lined boulevards and stunning architecture, making it a popular tourist attraction.

The avenue is famous for its collection of monuments that honor Confederate leaders. These include statues of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, J.E.B. Stuart, and other significant figures from the American Civil War. The monuments are a controversial topic, as they symbolize a painful past for many, but they also serve as a reminder of Richmond’s history.

Monument Avenue is not only known for its statues, but also its elegant homes and mansions. Many of these historic buildings are open to the public and offer a glimpse into the grandeur of Richmond’s past. Visitors can take a stroll along Monument Avenue and admire the beautiful architecture and stunning gardens.

In addition to its historical significance, Monument Avenue is a vibrant hub for art and culture. The avenue hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the Monument Avenue 10k race, which attracts thousands of participants from around the country. The avenue is also home to many art galleries and theaters, showcasing Richmond’s thriving arts scene.

Whether you are interested in history, architecture, or the arts, Monument Avenue is a must-visit destination in Richmond. Take a leisurely walk along the avenue, explore the historic homes, and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of this iconic street.


What are the top-rated tourist attractions in Richmond?

Some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Richmond, VA are the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Maymont, Hollywood Cemetery, and the Virginia State Capitol.

Where is the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts located?

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is located at 200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220.

Can you tell me more about the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden?

Of course! The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is a 50-acre garden located at 1800 Lakeside Avenue, Richmond, VA 23228. It features stunning display gardens, a conservatory, a treehouse, a lake, and much more. Visitors can explore the diverse plant collections and enjoy various events and programs offered throughout the year.

What can I see at Maymont?

Maymont is a beautiful estate and park in Richmond, VA. Visitors can explore the 100-acres of gardens, visit the Maymont Mansion, see wildlife at the Maymont Nature Center, and enjoy activities like picnicking, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Maymont is a popular tourist attraction known for its natural beauty and historical significance.


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