Was there a sidekick accompanying Wonder Woman?

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By Laurie Baratti

Wonder Woman’s companions

Wonder Woman has been a beloved superhero since her debut in 1941, but she has never been alone in her fight for justice. Over the years, Wonder Woman has had a variety of companions by her side, from sidekicks to close friends to love interests. While some of these characters have become iconic in their own right, others have been forgotten in the pages of comic book history. In this article, we will explore the question of whether Wonder Woman had a sidekick, and examine the role of companions in superhero culture.

The role of sidekicks in superhero culture

Sidekicks have been a staple of superhero comics since the Golden Age of comics. They were often used as a way to make the hero more relatable to younger readers, and to provide comic relief or moral support. In some cases, sidekicks were also used as a way to introduce new characters who could potentially strike out on their own. Sidekicks were particularly popular in the early days of superhero comics, but their popularity waned as comics grew more sophisticated and mature.

Early Wonder Woman comics

In the early days of Wonder Woman comics, the character was portrayed as a fierce warrior from the Amazonian island of Themyscira. While she was certainly capable of fighting on her own, she did have occasional allies in her adventures. These included characters like Steve Trevor, a military officer who crash-landed on Themyscira and became romantically involved with Wonder Woman, and the Holliday Girls, a group of teenage girls who were friends with Wonder Woman’s alter ego, Diana Prince.

Etta Candy: Wonder Woman’s closest friend

Perhaps the most famous of Wonder Woman’s early companions was Etta Candy, a plucky college student who became Wonder Woman’s closest friend and ally. Etta was known for her love of candy and her irrepressible spirit, and she often provided comic relief in the pages of Wonder Woman comics. Despite her somewhat silly persona, Etta was a fierce fighter and was always ready to defend her friend in battle.

Other female characters in Wonder Woman’s world

Wonder Woman has always been a feminist icon, and she has had a number of female companions over the years who have reflected this ethos. These have included characters like Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother and the queen of the Amazons, and Artemis, a fellow Amazon who briefly held the mantle of Wonder Woman herself. The Golden Age also saw the introduction of Mavis, a nurse who assisted Wonder Woman in her adventures.

Male companions: Steve Trevor and others

While Wonder Woman has always been a feminist icon, she has also had a number of male companions over the years. These have included characters like Steve Trevor, as well as other military officers and government officials who have aided Wonder Woman in her missions. In some cases, these characters have become love interests for Wonder Woman, but they have also served as important allies in her fight against evil.

How the TV show portrayed Wonder Woman’s companions

Wonder Woman’s popularity soared in the 1970s thanks to the hit TV series starring Lynda Carter. The show took a number of liberties with the source material, but it also introduced a number of memorable characters to the world of Wonder Woman. These included characters like Steve Trevor Jr., the son of the original Steve Trevor, and Andros, a fellow superhero from an alien planet.

Modern comic book iterations of Wonder Woman’s allies

In recent years, the world of Wonder Woman has expanded even further, with new iterations of classic characters and the introduction of new companions. Some of these have included Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s sister; Cassandra Sandsmark, a teenage girl who becomes Wonder Girl; and Ferdinand, a minotaur who becomes Wonder Woman’s personal assistant.

The New 52: the absence of traditional sidekicks

In 2011, DC Comics launched a relaunch of their entire line of comics called the New 52. This relaunch saw a number of changes to the world of Wonder Woman, including the absence of many of her traditional companions. While characters like Steve Trevor and Etta Candy did make appearances in the New 52, they were often depicted very differently than they had been in the past.

Rebirth: the return of classic characters

In 2016, DC launched another relaunch called Rebirth. This relaunch saw the return of many classic characters to the world of Wonder Woman, including Steve Trevor and Etta Candy. These characters were given new life and new stories, and they have once again become important allies in Wonder Woman’s fight for justice.

Conclusion: Wonder Woman’s ever-evolving companions

Over the years, Wonder Woman has had a wide variety of companions by her side, from sidekicks to close friends to love interests. These characters have reflected the changing times and values of the superhero genre, and they have helped to make Wonder Woman a more fully-realized character. While the role of sidekicks may have diminished in modern comics, Wonder Woman’s allies continue to play an important role in her ongoing adventures.

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