What are some sources to learn more about Jasper Johns?

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By Kristy Tolley

Who is Jasper Johns?

Jasper Johns is an American painter, sculptor, and printmaker who is known for his contributions to the development of Pop Art in the 1960s. Born in Augusta, Georgia in 1930, Johns moved to New York City in the 1950s, where he became associated with the avant-garde art scene. His early works often featured everyday objects such as flags, targets, and numbers, and were characterized by their use of encaustic and other unconventional techniques. Over the course of his career, Johns has continued to experiment with various media and styles, producing a body of work that is both diverse and influential.

1. Visit Art Museums and Galleries

One of the best ways to learn more about Jasper Johns is to view his works in person at art museums and galleries. Many museums around the world have permanent collections of Johns’ art, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the Tate Modern in London. In addition, galleries often hold exhibitions of Johns’ work that provide a deeper understanding of his artistic style and techniques. Visiting these institutions can also allow art enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for Jasper Johns’ art.

2. Explore Art Books and Catalogs

Art books and catalogs provide a wealth of information on Jasper Johns’ life and work. These publications often feature high-quality reproductions of his artworks, along with critical essays, interviews, and other supplementary materials. Some notable titles include "Jasper Johns: A Retrospective" by Kirk Varnedoe, "Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind’s Eye" by Barbara Haskell, and "Jasper Johns: Catalogue Raisonné of Painting and Sculpture" by Roberta Bernstein. By reading these books, scholars and enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of Johns’ artistic vision and the context in which his works were produced.

3. Enroll in Art Classes and Workshops

Enrolling in art classes and workshops can help aspiring artists gain insight into Jasper Johns’ creative process and techniques. Many art schools and community organizations offer courses that focus on painting, printmaking, and other art forms that Johns has explored throughout his career. By learning from experienced instructors and practicing their craft alongside other students, aspiring artists can develop the skills and techniques necessary to create their own unique works of art inspired by Jasper Johns’ style.

4. Attend Art Lectures and Conferences

Attending art lectures and conferences is another great way to expand one’s knowledge of Jasper Johns. These events often feature presentations by art historians, curators, and other experts in the field who can provide insights into Johns’ life and work. Some notable events include the Jasper Johns Symposium at the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas, and the Jasper Johns: Regrets exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. By attending these events, art enthusiasts can engage in intellectual discussions and gain a deeper appreciation for Jasper Johns’ contribution to the art world.

5. Participate in Art Forums and Discussions

Participating in art forums and discussions can provide a valuable opportunity to connect with other art enthusiasts and learn more about Jasper Johns’ art. Online forums, such as Reddit’s Art community and Artsy’s Art History community, are a great place to ask questions, share knowledge, and engage in debates about Johns’ work. Additionally, many art organizations host in-person discussions and panels on Johns and other artists, where participants can share their own insights and perspectives.

6. Watch Documentaries and Interviews

Watching documentaries and interviews can offer a behind-the-scenes look at Jasper Johns’ life and artistic process. Some notable titles include "Jasper Johns: Take an Object" by Hans Namuth, "Jasper Johns: Ideas in Paint" by Michael Blackwood, and "Jasper Johns: Something Resembling Truth" by PBS. These films often feature exclusive interviews with Johns himself, as well as commentary from art historians, curators, and other experts who offer insight into his work.

7. Browse Online Art Websites and Blogs

Browsing online art websites and blogs can offer a convenient way to explore Jasper Johns’ art and keep up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the art world. Some notable websites include Artsy, Artnews, and the Art Newspaper. These websites often feature articles, galleries, and other resources that provide information on Johns’ life and work, as well as related topics such as art history and contemporary art.

8. Join Online Art Appreciation Groups

Joining online art appreciation groups can provide a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for Jasper Johns’ art. Some notable groups include the Jasper Johns Fans group on Facebook, and the Jasper Johns Appreciation Society on Reddit. These groups offer a forum for discussion, sharing of artwork, and learning from each other’s experiences.

9. Follow Jasper Johns’ Social Media Accounts

Following Jasper Johns’ social media accounts can provide a unique perspective on his life and work. Johns himself has an official Instagram account (@jasperjohns_official), where he shares images of his artwork, as well as glimpses of his personal life and creative process. Additionally, many art institutions and organizations post updates and information on Johns’ work on their social media accounts, making it easy to stay informed on the latest news and events.

10. Read Jasper Johns’ Biography and Autobiography

Reading Jasper Johns’ biography and autobiography can provide a personal and intimate look at his life and artistic journey. Some notable titles include "Jasper Johns: Privileged Information" by Susan Sontag, and "Jasper Johns: An Allegory of Painting, 1955-1965" by Richard Francis. These books provide a unique perspective on Johns’ creative process, as well as his experiences as an artist living and working in New York City during the mid-20th century.

Conclusion: Expand your Knowledge on Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns’ art continues to captivate and inspire audiences around the world, and there are numerous sources available to learn more about his life and work. By visiting art museums and galleries, exploring art books and catalogs, enrolling in art classes and workshops, attending art lectures and conferences, participating in art forums and discussions, watching documentaries and interviews, browsing online art websites and blogs, joining online art appreciation groups, following Johns’ social media accounts, and reading his biography and autobiography, art enthusiasts can gain a deeper understanding of Johns’ creative vision and the impact he has had on the art world.

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