What is the creation date of The Moscow Times?

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By Kristy Tolley

The Moscow Times is an English-language newspaper published in Moscow, Russia. It is a daily newspaper that covers a range of topics, including news, politics, business, culture, and sports. The newspaper has a long history, having been founded over two decades ago. In this article, we will explore the creation date of The Moscow Times and the different stages of its development over the years.

The Beginning of The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times was founded in 1992 by two American journalists, Derk Sauer and Ann-Dorit Boy. At the time, there was a growing demand for an English-language newspaper in Moscow, as the city was rapidly evolving following the collapse of the Soviet Union. The founders saw an opportunity to create a newspaper that would provide a platform for foreign readers to understand the changes taking place in Russia.

Founding Members of The Moscow Times

The founders of The Moscow Times, Derk Sauer and Ann-Dorit Boy, were both experienced journalists with a deep knowledge of Russia. Sauer had previously worked as a correspondent for the Dutch newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, and Boy had worked for the International Herald Tribune. Together, they brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the project, and they were committed to creating a high-quality newspaper that would be a source of reliable news and analysis for their readers.

The First Publication Date

The first edition of The Moscow Times was published on October 28, 1992. The newspaper was initially printed on tabloid-sized paper and had a circulation of just 55,000 copies. Despite its small size, the newspaper quickly gained a reputation for providing high-quality journalism and insightful analysis on the political, economic, and social developments in Russia.

The Early Days of The Moscow Times

In the early days, The Moscow Times faced a number of challenges. The newspaper was operating in an environment that was still in transition, and there were many obstacles to overcome. However, the founders were persistent, and they continued to invest in the newspaper, hiring talented journalists and expanding the coverage to include a range of topics.

The Evolution of The Moscow Times

Over the years, The Moscow Times has evolved to meet the changing needs of its readers. The newspaper has introduced new sections and features, such as a weekly entertainment guide and a business section. It has also expanded its online presence, launching a website in 1995 and a digital edition in 2013.

Ownership Changes of The Moscow Times

In 2005, The Moscow Times was bought by Sanoma Independent Media, a Finnish media company. The newspaper remained under this ownership until 2015, when it was sold to a group of Russian investors. The ownership changes had little impact on the editorial direction of the newspaper, and it continued to provide independent and impartial news coverage.

Digital Transformation of The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times has undergone a significant digital transformation in recent years. The newspaper has invested heavily in its online presence, launching a new website in 2017 that offers a range of multimedia content, including videos and podcasts. The newspaper has also embraced social media, with a strong presence on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Recent Developments of The Moscow Times

In 2020, The Moscow Times celebrated its 28th anniversary. The newspaper continues to provide high-quality journalism and analysis on the political, economic, and social developments in Russia. It has also expanded its coverage to include stories from other countries in the region, such as Ukraine and Belarus.

Current Status of The Moscow Times

Today, The Moscow Times has a circulation of around 35,000 copies and is distributed throughout Russia and abroad. The newspaper continues to be an important source of news and analysis for its readers, providing balanced and impartial coverage of the events in Russia and beyond.

Impact of The Moscow Times

The Moscow Times has had a significant impact on the media landscape in Russia. It has provided a platform for foreign readers to understand the complexities of the country and has helped to promote a greater understanding between Russia and the rest of the world. The newspaper has also played an important role in promoting the values of independent journalism and free speech.


In conclusion, The Moscow Times is a newspaper with a long and rich history. It has undergone many changes over the years, but its commitment to providing high-quality journalism and analysis has remained constant. The newspaper has played an important role in shaping the media landscape in Russia, and it continues to be a source of reliable news and information for its readers.

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