What is the location of Green County in Georgia?

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By Erica Silverstein

What is Green County?

Green County is a small county located in the state of Georgia in the United States. It is a rural county with a population of approximately 16,000 people. The county is known for its beautiful countryside, rich history, and cultural attractions.

History of Green County in Georgia

Green County was established in 1786 and named after Nathanael Greene, a Revolutionary War general. The county was initially home to several Native American tribes, including the Creek and Cherokee, before being settled by European-Americans in the 18th century. Throughout its history, Green County has been an agricultural hub, with cotton, tobacco, and dairy being among its primary industries. During the Civil War, the county saw several battles, and many of its historic buildings and sites still stand today.

Geographical Location of Green County

Green County is situated in the central part of Georgia, approximately 75 miles east of Atlanta. The county covers an area of 406 square miles and borders six other counties: Morgan, Oconee, Taliaferro, Hancock, Putnam, and Greene. The county is surrounded by rolling hills and dotted with numerous lakes and streams, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Latitude and Longitude of Green County

The latitude of Green County is 33.5766° N, and the longitude is 83.1713° W. These coordinates place the county in the eastern time zone and give it its unique location within the state of Georgia.

Surrounding Counties of Green County

Green County is bordered by six other counties, each with its own unique history and attractions. To the north are Morgan and Oconee counties, while to the south are Taliaferro and Hancock counties. On the eastern side of Green County is Putnam County, and on the western side is Greene County.

Topography of Green County

Green County is known for its rolling hills and verdant pastures, making it an ideal location for agricultural pursuits. The county is also home to several lakes and streams, including Lake Oconee and the Oconee River, which provide numerous recreational opportunities.

Climate of Green County

Green County experiences a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in July, the hottest month, is around 90°F, while the coldest month, January, has an average temperature of around 40°F. The county receives an average of 50 inches of rainfall each year, with most of the precipitation occurring during the spring and summer months.

Flora and Fauna of Green County

Green County is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The county’s forests are home to numerous species of trees, including oak, hickory, and pine. Wildlife in the area includes deer, turkey, and numerous species of birds, making it a popular destination for hunting and birdwatching enthusiasts.

Demographics of Green County

Green County has a population of approximately 16,000 people, with the majority of residents living in rural areas. The county’s population is primarily white, with African Americans making up the largest minority group. The median household income in Green County is around $42,000, and the unemployment rate is currently at 5.5%.

Economy of Green County

Green County’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, with cotton, dairy, beef, and poultry being among the county’s largest industries. The county also has a growing tourism industry, with visitors coming to explore its historic sites, enjoy its natural beauty, and participate in its various recreational activities.

Cultural Attractions in Green County

Green County is home to numerous cultural attractions, including several historic sites and museums. Highlights include the Old Gaol Museum, the Scull Shoals Historic Site, and the Greene County Historic Society. The county also hosts several annual events, including the Mule Day Parade and Festival and the Greene County Fair.

Conclusion: Green County in Georgia

Green County is a small but vibrant county located in the heart of Georgia. With its rich history, beautiful countryside, and numerous cultural attractions, the county offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in exploring its historic sites, enjoying its natural beauty, or simply getting away from it all, Green County is a destination worth checking out.

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