What is the number of state parks that Florida has?

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By Laurie Baratti

Florida is a state known for its abundance of natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From beaches to swamps, Florida’s landscape is diverse and filled with wildlife. State parks are an essential part of preserving these natural wonders and allowing people to experience them first-hand. In this article, we will explore the number of state parks in Florida, their importance, and popular activities that visitors can enjoy.

Importance of State Parks

State parks are crucial for preserving Florida’s natural heritage, protecting endangered species, and providing habitats for wildlife. They also offer opportunities for education and recreation, allowing residents and visitors to learn about and appreciate Florida’s natural resources. Additionally, state parks provide economic benefits to local communities by attracting visitors who spend money on lodging, food, and activities.

What are State Parks

State parks are public lands managed by state governments, with the goal of preserving natural and cultural resources while providing recreational opportunities. They offer a range of activities, from hiking and camping to fishing and boating. State parks are typically open to the public year-round, with some exceptions for maintenance or seasonal closures.

Florida’s National Parks

Florida is home to three national parks, which are managed by the federal government: Everglades National Park, Biscayne National Park, and Dry Tortugas National Park. These parks offer unique opportunities to explore Florida’s diverse ecosystems, from the subtropical wilderness of the Everglades to the coral reefs of Biscayne Bay.

Florida’s State Parks

Florida has 175 state parks, with a wide range of natural and cultural resources. These parks include beaches, forests, springs, lakes, and historical sites. Some of the most popular state parks include Bahia Honda State Park, Blue Spring State Park, and Myakka River State Park.

The Number of State Parks

As of 2021, Florida has 175 state parks. This number includes both parks managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and those managed by other state agencies, such as the Division of Recreation and Parks.

Breakdown of State Parks by Region

Florida’s state parks are divided into five regions: Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Central, and South. Each region offers unique natural and cultural resources, from the panhandle’s white sand beaches to the Everglades’ vast wetlands.

Some of Florida’s most popular state parks include Bahia Honda State Park, Blue Spring State Park, and Myakka River State Park. Bahia Honda State Park is known for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches, while Blue Spring State Park is a popular spot for snorkeling and swimming with manatees. Myakka River State Park offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and canoeing.

Activities in State Parks

State parks offer a range of activities, from hiking and camping to fishing and boating. Visitors can also enjoy swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and wildlife viewing. Many parks offer guided tours and educational programs to learn more about Florida’s natural and cultural history.

Benefits of State Parks

State parks provide numerous benefits to visitors, local communities, and the environment. They offer opportunities for recreation, education, and conservation, while also supporting local economies. State parks also serve as important habitats for wildlife and protect endangered species.


Florida’s state parks are a vital part of preserving the state’s natural heritage and providing opportunities for recreation and education. With 175 state parks to choose from, visitors can explore a range of ecosystems and cultural resources throughout the state. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a longer stay, Florida’s state parks offer something for everyone.

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