What is the number of students enrolled at NYU?

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By Erica Silverstein

New York University (NYU) is a private research university located in New York City, USA. It is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the world, offering a wide range of academic programs to students from all over the globe. Understanding the enrollment statistics at NYU is important for students, parents, and policymakers alike, as it gives a glimpse into the diversity and academic rigor of the institution.

History of NYU

NYU was founded in 1831 and has a long history of academic excellence. It started as a small, private institution in Greenwich Village and has since grown into a major research university with a global reach. NYU has campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai, and has partnerships with universities in over 25 countries. Over the years, NYU has produced many notable alumni, including 36 Nobel Laureates, 30 Academy Award winners, and several U.S. presidents.

Enrollment Data

As of fall 2021, NYU has a total enrollment of 58,461 students, making it one of the largest universities in the United States. This includes both undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those studying abroad or taking online courses. The university’s student body is extremely diverse, with students coming from all 50 states and over 130 countries.

Undergraduate Enrollment

NYU has a total undergraduate enrollment of 29,820 students, with a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio. The undergraduate population at NYU is split almost evenly between male and female students. The university offers over 230 undergraduate degree programs across 10 schools and colleges.

Graduate Enrollment

NYU has a total graduate enrollment of 28,641 students, with a 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio. The graduate population at NYU is also nearly evenly split between male and female students. The university offers over 300 graduate degree programs across 15 schools and colleges.

International Students

NYU is a highly international university, with over 21,000 international students enrolled in its programs. This represents nearly 37% of the total student population, making NYU one of the most diverse universities in the United States. The university has partnerships with over 25 universities around the world, and offers study abroad programs in over 50 countries.

Demographics of Students

NYU is a highly diverse university, with students coming from all over the world and from a wide range of backgrounds. The university’s student body is 47% White, 19% Asian, 12% Hispanic/Latino, 8% Black or African American, and 7% international. The university also has a large community, with over 30 student organizations on campus.

NYU offers a wide range of academic programs, but some of the most popular majors among students include business, economics, psychology, and film and television. The university is also known for its strong programs in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Campus Life and Activities

NYU has a vibrant campus life, with over 800 student organizations and clubs. These range from academic clubs to cultural groups to sports teams. The university also hosts many events throughout the year, including concerts, lectures, and art exhibitions.

Campus Facilities

NYU has several campuses in New York City, including its main campus in Greenwich Village and additional campuses in Midtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. The university also has campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. NYU’s facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms, research labs, performance spaces, and residential buildings.

Affordability and Financial Aid

NYU is a private university and can be relatively expensive to attend. However, the university offers a wide range of financial aid options to help make education more affordable for students. This includes need-based aid, merit scholarships, and work-study programs. NYU is committed to making education accessible to all students, regardless of their financial circumstances.


NYU is a world-renowned institution with a diverse and academically rigorous student body. Understanding the enrollment statistics at NYU is important for anyone considering attending the university or for policymakers interested in higher education. With its wide range of academic programs, vibrant campus life, and commitment to affordability and diversity, NYU is a top choice for many students around the world.

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