What is the range of temperature found in the tropical rainforest?

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By Christine Hitt

The tropical rainforest is a unique ecosystem that harbors a diverse range of flora and fauna. One of the key factors that determine the survival and growth of organisms in this ecosystem is temperature. In this article, we will explore the temperature range found in the tropical rainforest, and the factors that influence it.

What is a tropical rainforest?

A tropical rainforest is a type of forest characterized by high rainfall, high humidity, and a dense canopy of trees that blocks out most of the sunlight. It is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. The rainforest is an essential ecosystem that provides a range of ecological services, including carbon sequestration, soil protection, and water regulation.

Location of tropical rainforests

Tropical rainforests are found in regions close to the equator, within the tropics. The largest tropical rainforests are located in South America, Central Africa, and Southeast Asia. These regions receive high levels of rainfall throughout the year, which supports the growth of dense vegetation.

Temperature range in the rainforest

The temperature range in the tropical rainforest varies between 20°C to 34°C (68°F to 93°F). The temperature is relatively stable throughout the year, with little seasonal variation. However, there may be diurnal variations, with temperatures dropping slightly at night and rising during the day.

The effect of latitude on temperature

The temperature in the tropical rainforest is influenced by its location relative to the equator. As we move away from the equator, the temperature decreases. This is because the intensity of sunlight decreases at higher latitudes, resulting in lower temperatures.

The impact of elevation on temperature

Elevation also plays a role in determining the temperature range in the tropical rainforest. As we move higher in elevation, the temperature decreases. This is because the air becomes less dense at higher altitudes, resulting in a decrease in temperature.

Humidity and temperature in the rainforest

Humidity is another important factor that influences temperature in the tropical rainforest. The high humidity levels in the rainforest help to regulate the temperature by preventing excessive heat loss through evaporation.

Diurnal and seasonal temperature variations

In the tropical rainforest, there is little seasonal variation in temperature. However, there may be diurnal variations, with temperatures dropping slightly at night and rising during the day. This is due to the movement of air masses and the influence of the sun’s radiation.

Temperature adaptations of flora and fauna

The flora and fauna in the tropical rainforest have evolved a range of adaptations to cope with the temperature range. Some plants have developed mechanisms to conserve water and regulate temperature, while others have adapted to grow in areas with higher or lower temperatures. Similarly, animals have developed physiological and behavioral adaptations to cope with the temperature range, such as hibernation or migration.

Human impact on the rainforest temperature

Human activities such as deforestation, mining, and agriculture have a significant impact on the temperature range in the tropical rainforest. Deforestation, for example, can lead to an increase in temperature due to the loss of vegetation cover and increased exposure to sunlight.

Conclusion: Importance of temperature in the rainforest

Temperature is a critical factor that determines the survival and growth of organisms in the tropical rainforest. Understanding the temperature range and the factors that influence it is essential for the conservation and management of this unique ecosystem.


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