What is the reason for Zeus’ displeasure with Medea in Jason and the Argonauts?

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By Erica Silverstein

The story of Jason and the Argonauts is a classic Greek myth that follows the quest of Jason and his crew to find the Golden Fleece. One of the central characters in this tale is Medea, a sorceress who assists Jason on his journey. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Medea’s relationship with Jason is fraught with betrayal and revenge, leading to her ultimate downfall and Zeus’ displeasure with her actions.

Medea’s Background

Medea was a princess of Colchis, a land known for its magic and sorcery. She was the daughter of King Aeetes, who possessed the Golden Fleece that Jason and his crew sought. Medea was also a powerful sorceress, capable of casting spells and performing extraordinary feats of magic. However, her life changed when she met Jason and fell in love with him.

Medea’s Relationship with Jason

At first, Medea helped Jason and his crew to obtain the Golden Fleece, using her powers to assist them in their quest. However, as they traveled back to Greece, Jason betrayed her by marrying another woman, leaving Medea heartbroken and seeking revenge.

Jason’s Betrayal

Jason’s betrayal of Medea was a great blow to her, as she had given up everything to help him on his quest. She had even killed her own brother to help him obtain the Golden Fleece. However, Jason’s marriage to another woman caused Medea to feel betrayed and abandoned.

Medea’s Revenge on Jason

In a fit of anger and vengeance, Medea decided to take revenge on Jason and his new wife. She concocted a plan to kill them both, using her magic to create a poison that would cause them to die in agony.

Medea’s Infanticide

As part of her revenge, Medea also killed her own children, believing that this would cause Jason the greatest pain and suffering. Her actions were both shocking and tragic, as she was willing to sacrifice her own children for the sake of revenge.

Medea’s Escape from Corinth

After committing these heinous acts, Medea fled from Corinth, where the events took place. Her actions had caused great chaos and destruction, and she knew that she would not be safe there anymore. She fled to Athens, where she sought refuge and protection.

Zeus’ Role in Medea’s Story

As a powerful god in Greek mythology, Zeus played a role in Medea’s story. He was the father of many of the gods and was known for his justice and wrath. In Medea’s case, Zeus was displeased with her actions and sought to punish her for her crimes.

Zeus’ Displeasure with Medea

Zeus was displeased with Medea’s actions because she had committed terrible crimes against her family and her people. She had killed her own children and betrayed her former lover, causing great harm and suffering. Zeus saw her as a threat to the order and stability of the world, and he sought to punish her for her actions.

Consequences of Zeus’ Displeasure

The consequences of Zeus’ displeasure with Medea were severe. She was punished for her crimes, and her story became a cautionary tale of the dangers of revenge and the consequences of betraying those who help us.


The story of Medea is a tragic tale of love, betrayal, and revenge. Her actions were shocking and horrifying, and they caused great harm and suffering. However, her story also serves as a warning of the dangers of revenge and the consequences of our actions.

Further Analysis

Further analysis of Medea’s story could focus on the themes of betrayal, revenge, and the role of women in Greek mythology. It could also explore the character of Medea and the reasons behind her actions, as well as the consequences of her choices. Overall, Medea’s story offers a rich and complex narrative that deserves closer examination and analysis.

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