What was the number of soldiers engaged in the Battle of Puebla?

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By Lucas Reynolds

The Battle of Puebla

The Battle of Puebla is a significant event in Mexican history. It was fought on May 5, 1862, in the city of Puebla during the French intervention in Mexico. The battle is remembered for the bravery of the Mexican soldiers who fought against a much larger and better-equipped French army.

The Mexican army at the start of the battle

The Mexican army was led by General Ignacio Zaragoza, a well-respected military commander. His army consisted of around 4,500 soldiers, most of whom were poorly equipped and poorly trained. Many of the soldiers were farmers and peasants who had been hastily recruited to fight against the French.

The French army’s size and strength

The French army was led by General Charles de Lorencez and consisted of around 6,000 soldiers. They were well-trained, well-equipped, and had experience fighting in other parts of the world. The French also had the support of Mexican conservatives who opposed the liberal government of President Benito Juarez.

The battle plan of the Mexican army

General Zaragoza decided to defend the city of Puebla by fortifying the high ground outside the city. He ordered his soldiers to build trenches and earthworks and to prepare for a siege. He also placed his artillery in strategic positions to defend against the French attack.

The strategy of the French army

General de Lorencez planned to attack the Mexicans head-on, believing that his soldiers’ superior training and equipment would enable them to defeat the Mexican army quickly. He also hoped that his victory would help to establish a friendly government in Mexico that would be more favorable to French interests.

The initial engagement and casualties

On May 5, 1862, the French army launched a frontal attack on the Mexican positions. The Mexican soldiers held their ground and repulsed the French attack, inflicting heavy casualties. The French then launched a second attack, but it was also unsuccessful.

The turning point of the battle

The turning point of the battle came when the French attempted to outflank the Mexican positions. General Zaragoza responded by sending a force of cavalry to attack the French flank. The cavalry charge was successful, and the French were forced to retreat.

The Mexican army’s victory and aftermath

The Mexican army’s victory at the Battle of Puebla was a significant morale boost for the Mexican people. It showed that a poorly equipped and poorly trained army could defeat a much larger and better-equipped force. The French army retreated to Orizaba, and the Mexicans were able to hold onto the city of Puebla for a while longer.

Conflicting reports on the numbers involved

There are conflicting reports on the numbers of soldiers involved in the Battle of Puebla. Some sources claim that the Mexican army had as many as 8,000 soldiers, while others suggest that the French had as many as 10,000 soldiers.

Estimates of the total number of soldiers engaged

Based on the available evidence, it is likely that around 10,000 soldiers were engaged in the Battle of Puebla. However, the exact number is difficult to determine due to conflicting reports and incomplete records.

The significance of the Battle of Puebla

The Battle of Puebla is significant because it showed that a smaller and less well-equipped army could defeat a larger and better-equipped force. It also demonstrated the bravery and determination of the Mexican soldiers who fought against the French.

Conclusion: Remembering the heroes of Puebla

The Battle of Puebla is an important event in Mexican history, and it is celebrated every year on May 5th as Cinco de Mayo. It is a reminder of the bravery and determination of the Mexican soldiers who fought against the French, and of the importance of defending one’s homeland. We should remember and honor the heroes of Puebla who fought for their country and their freedom.

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