What’s the route to get to Tiffany and Co from Penn Station?

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By Felicity Long

Getting to Tiffany and Co from Penn Station

Tiffany and Co is a famous luxury jewelry brand located in Midtown Manhattan. If you are planning a visit to their store and are arriving at Penn Station, you might be wondering about the easiest and most efficient route to get there. Fortunately, it’s a straightforward journey that can be completed on foot. This article will guide you through the steps to reach Tiffany and Co from Penn Station.

Step 1: Exit Penn Station from the 7th Avenue Side

Penn Station has several exits, but for this journey, you will need to exit from the 7th Avenue side. This is the side that faces west and is closer to the destination. Once you exit, you will be on 7th Avenue and will be able to see the Empire State Building in the distance.

Step 2: Walk North on 7th Avenue

From the 7th Avenue exit, start walking north in the direction of the Empire State Building. You will be walking against the flow of traffic, and there will be several pedestrians around you. Keep walking until you reach West 47th Street.

Step 3: Turn Right onto West 47th Street

At the intersection of 7th Avenue and West 47th Street, turn right. You will notice several jewelry stores on this street, but Tiffany and Co is further down the road.

Step 4: Walk Two Blocks East on West 47th Street

Continue walking on West 47th Street for two blocks until you reach 5th Avenue. You will pass by several diamond district stores and will be able to see the Rockefeller Center in the distance.

Step 5: Turn Left onto 5th Avenue

At the intersection of West 47th Street and 5th Avenue, turn left. You will notice several luxury stores on either side of the street, including Gucci, Prada, and Cartier.

Step 6: Walk Two Blocks North on 5th Avenue

Continue walking on 5th Avenue for two blocks until you reach East 57th Street. You will pass by various landmarks such as St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Trump Tower, and the Pulitzer Fountain.

Step 7: Cross the Street at East 57th Street

At the intersection of East 57th Street and 5th Avenue, cross the street. Be mindful of traffic and look out for the pedestrian signals.

Step 8: Continue to Walk North on 5th Avenue

After crossing the street, continue walking north on 5th Avenue. You will pass by several luxury stores and will be able to see Central Park in the distance.

Step 9: Arrive at Tiffany and Co on your Right

After walking for a few minutes, you will see Tiffany and Co on your right-hand side. The store is located at the corner of 5th Avenue and East 57th Street, and you will be able to spot it by its signature blue storefront.

Conclusion: You Have Successfully Reached Tiffany and Co

Congratulations, you have successfully reached Tiffany and Co from Penn Station! The journey is relatively straightforward and can be completed on foot. Follow these nine steps to make your way to the luxury jewelry brand.

Bonus Tip: Take a Scenic Walk Through Central Park After Your Visit

After your visit to Tiffany and Co, take a scenic walk through Central Park. The park is a tranquil oasis in the middle of the bustling city and offers a refreshing break from the noise and crowds. You can take a stroll around the lake, have a picnic on the Great Lawn, or visit one of the many attractions, such as the Central Park Zoo or the Conservatory Garden. Enjoy your visit!

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