Which calamities were experienced by Cameroon?

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By Kristy Tolley

Cameroon’s Calamities

Cameroon, located in Central Africa, has faced a slew of calamities over the years, ranging from natural disasters to political unrest, terrorism, and economic downfall. These calamities have caused severe damage to the country’s infrastructure, economy, and human capital. Despite the challenges, Cameroon has been resilient and continues to work towards overcoming these challenges.

Natural Disasters in Cameroon

Cameroon is prone to a variety of natural disasters, including floods, landslides, droughts, and volcanic eruptions. Floods and landslides are the most common natural disasters in Cameroon, with devastating effects on the population and the economy. In 2012, floods caused by heavy rainfall affected over 100,000 people, destroying homes, crops, and infrastructure. In 2017, the Mount Cameroon volcano erupted, causing significant damage to nearby villages and farmland. Furthermore, the prolonged droughts in Cameroon have caused food insecurity, especially in the northern regions of the country.

Floods and Landslides in Cameroon

Floods and landslides are the most common natural disasters in Cameroon, with devastating effects on the population and the economy. Cameroon’s topography and climate make it prone to floods and landslides, which are often caused by heavy rainfall. In 2020, floods in Cameroon killed over 40 people and displaced thousands, causing damage to homes, crops, and infrastructure. In 2019, landslides caused by heavy rains killed at least 40 people and destroyed homes in the western region of Cameroon.

Droughts and Famine in Cameroon

Cameroon’s northern regions are prone to prolonged droughts, which have caused food insecurity and famine. In 2018, the United Nations reported that over 2.6 million people in Cameroon were food insecure, with over 160,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. The government has launched several initiatives to combat food insecurity, including the creation of an emergency food fund and the distribution of seeds and fertilizers to farmers in the northern regions.

Epidemics and Diseases in Cameroon

Cameroon has faced several epidemics and diseases in recent years, including cholera, Ebola, and COVID-19. In 2018, Cameroon experienced a cholera outbreak, which affected over 4,000 people and caused over 100 deaths. In 2019, Cameroon confirmed its first case of Ebola, which led to the deployment of health workers and the creation of isolation centers. In 2020, Cameroon confirmed its first case of COVID-19, which has since spread throughout the country, leading to several lockdowns and restrictions.

Conflicts and Political Unrest in Cameroon

Cameroon has faced conflicts and political unrest, particularly in the Anglophone regions of the country. The conflict started in 2016 when English-speaking lawyers and teachers protested against the imposition of French language and culture in their regions. The government responded with force, leading to a prolonged conflict that has caused the displacement of over 500,000 people and the death of over 3,000. The conflict has also led to the formation of armed separatist groups, which have carried out attacks on civilians and government officials.

Terrorism and Boko Haram in Cameroon

Cameroon has also faced terrorism from Boko Haram, a jihadist group based in Nigeria. Boko Haram has carried out several attacks in Cameroon, leading to the displacement of over 300,000 people and the death of over 2,000. The group has targeted civilians, government officials, and military personnel. The government has responded with force, leading to the creation of a multinational joint task force consisting of soldiers from Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, and Niger.

Cameroon’s Refugee Crisis

Cameroon has also faced a refugee crisis, with over 400,000 refugees from neighboring countries such as the Central African Republic and Nigeria seeking asylum in Cameroon. The refugees have put a strain on the country’s resources and infrastructure, leading to several humanitarian crises.

Cameroon’s Economic Downfall

Cameroon has faced an economic downfall in recent years, with a decline in oil prices and an increase in debt. The country’s economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a decline in economic growth and an increase in unemployment.

Environmental Issues in Cameroon

Cameroon has faced several environmental issues, including deforestation and wildlife poaching. The country’s forests are home to several endangered species, including gorillas and elephants, which have been threatened by poaching and habitat loss. Deforestation has also led to soil erosion and the loss of biodiversity.

Corruption and Human Rights Violations in Cameroon

Cameroon has faced allegations of corruption and human rights violations, particularly in the treatment of political prisoners and journalists. The government has been accused of suppressing freedom of speech and assembly and using excessive force against peaceful protesters.

Conclusion: Moving Forward from Cameroon’s Calamities

Cameroon has faced several calamities over the years, but despite the challenges, the country remains resilient and determined to move forward. The government has launched several initiatives to combat the challenges, including the creation of emergency funds, the deployment of health workers, and the creation of a multinational joint task force. Cameroon must continue to work towards overcoming the challenges and building a better future for its citizens.

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