Which schools in Superior WI are no longer in operation?

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By Felicity Long

Superior, WI has a rich history of education that dates back to the 1800s. Over the years, several schools have opened their doors to students, but not all of them have remained in operation. Some schools have closed due to various reasons, such as declining enrollment, financial constraints, and changes in educational policies. In this article, we will explore the schools that are no longer in operation in Superior, WI.

History of Education in Superior WI

The first school in Superior, WI was established in 1854 and was known as the "Superior Academy." It was followed by several other schools, including the Central School, which was built in 1871, and the Northern State Normal School, which was established in 1896. Over the years, more schools were built to cater to the growing population of students in the area.

In the early 1900s, the Superior School District was formed to oversee the education system in the city. The district continued to expand, and by the 1960s, it had over 20 schools. However, as time passed, some schools started to close down for various reasons.

Reasons for School Closures

Several factors have contributed to the closure of schools in Superior, WI. One of the main reasons is declining enrollment. As the population of Superior has decreased over the years, so has the enrollment in schools. Another reason is financial constraints. With the increasing costs of education and limited funding, some schools found it challenging to operate. Changes in educational policies have also contributed to the closure of some schools.

Early Closed Schools

One of the earliest schools to close in Superior, WI was the Superior Academy. It closed down in 1858 due to financial constraints. Another school that closed down in the early days was the East End School, which was built in 1869 but closed in 1892 due to declining enrollment.

Schools Closed in the 20th Century

Over the years, several schools shut down in the 20th century, including the Old Central School, which closed in 1939 due to structural issues. The Central Junior High School closed down in 1979 due to declining enrollment, and the Webster School closed in 1985 due to the same reason.

Last Schools to Close

The last schools to close in Superior, WI were the Central High School and the Superior East High School. Both schools closed in 1991 due to declining enrollment, and their students were absorbed into the recently built Superior Senior High School.

Proposed Schools that Never Opened

Several schools were proposed in Superior, WI, but never opened. One such school was the Northwest Elementary School, which was supposed to open in the 1970s but was never built due to budget constraints.

Impact of School Closures

The closure of schools has had a significant impact on the community, students, and teachers. It has led to the loss of jobs, disrupted the education of students, and left some neighborhoods without a local school. However, it has also allowed for the consolidation of resources, leading to better educational opportunities for students in the remaining schools.

Current Use of Closed School Buildings

Currently, some of the closed school buildings in Superior, WI have been repurposed for other uses. For example, the Old Central School now houses the Superior Public Library, and the Central Junior High School has been converted into apartments.

The Future of Education in Superior WI

The Superior School District is continually evolving to meet the educational needs of students in the city. With the decreasing population, there is a need to consolidate resources and provide quality education to students in the remaining schools.


In conclusion, several schools in Superior, WI have closed down over the years due to various reasons. While this has had an impact on the community, it has also allowed for the consolidation of resources and better educational opportunities for students in the remaining schools.

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