Who owns D mart India?

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By Kristy Tolley

D mart India is one of the largest retail chains in India, with over 200 stores across the country. Founded in 2002, D mart India has become a household name in India, offering a variety of products at competitive prices. From groceries to clothing, from electronics to household items, D mart India has it all.

Founders of D mart India

Radhakishan Damani, a well-known Indian investor and businessman, is the founder of D mart India. Damani started his career in the stock market and went on to establish his own investment company, Renaissance Investment Advisors. In 2002, he entered the retail business with the launch of D mart India.

Damani family’s stake in D mart India

The Damani family, which includes Radhakishan Damani and his family members, has a 62.3% stake in D mart India, making them the majority shareholders of the company. Radhakishan Damani alone holds a 39.4% stake in the company, making him one of the richest people in India.

Institutional investors in D mart India

Several institutional investors, such as mutual funds and foreign portfolio investors, have invested in D mart India. Some of the major institutional investors in the company include HDFC Mutual Fund, Axis Mutual Fund, and Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund.

Promoters and promoter group of D mart India

Apart from the Damani family, the promoter group of D mart India includes several other individuals and entities, such as Gopikishan Damani, Shrikantadevi Damani, and Derive Investments. The promoter group collectively holds a 77.2% stake in the company.

D mart India’s shareholding pattern

As of March 2021, the shareholding pattern of D mart India was as follows: the promoter group held a 77.2% stake, institutional investors held a 10.8% stake, and the remaining 12% was held by the public.

Competitors of D mart India

D mart India faces stiff competition from other retail chains such as Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail, and Walmart-owned Flipkart. However, D mart India has managed to maintain its position as one of the leading retail chains in the country.

D mart India’s growth and expansion

D mart India has been expanding rapidly, with over 200 stores in 45 cities across the country. The company plans to further expand its footprint by opening more stores in smaller towns and cities in the coming years.

D mart India’s financial performance

D mart India has seen steady growth in its revenue and profits over the years. In the fiscal year 2020-21, the company reported a revenue of Rs. 26,471 crore and a net profit of Rs. 1,083 crore.

Management team of D mart India

The management team of D mart India is led by Neville Noronha, who has been with the company since its inception. The team comprises experienced professionals from the retail and consumer goods industries.

Challenges faced by D mart India

D mart India faces several challenges, such as intense competition, rising costs, and supply chain disruptions. The COVID-19 pandemic has also had an adverse impact on the company’s operations, leading to lower footfalls and sales.

Conclusion: Future prospects of D mart India

Despite the challenges faced by D mart India, the company has a strong track record of growth and expansion. With its focus on offering value for money to customers, D mart India is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for affordable retail options in India. The company’s continued expansion and focus on operational efficiency are expected to drive its future growth.

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