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If you are planning to send mail or packages to Guyana, you may be wondering what the postal code is for this country. Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, help ensure that mail and packages are delivered to the correct address in a timely manner. However, Guyana does not have a specific postal code system like many other countries.

Instead, when addressing mail or packages to Guyana, it is important to include the complete address, including the recipient’s name, street address, city or town, and the country name. This will help ensure that the item is properly delivered to its destination.

While Guyana may not have a postal code system, it is important to note that the country has a reliable mail delivery service. The Guyana Post Office Corporation is responsible for handling mail and packages within the country, as well as international mail sent to and from Guyana.

So, when sending mail or packages to Guyana, remember to include the complete address and use the services of the Guyana Post Office Corporation to ensure that your items are delivered safely and efficiently.

Why Do You Need Postal Code in Guyana?

In Guyana, having a postal code is essential for various reasons. Here are some key points explaining why you need a postal code:

Efficient Mail Delivery:

Postal codes help ensure accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages to the correct destination. By including the postal code on your mailing address, you can help postal workers quickly identify the correct delivery location.

Online Shopping:

When making online purchases, many retailers require a postal code to verify your billing and shipping address. Providing the correct postal code ensures that your order is delivered to the correct location without any delay or issues.

Government Services:

Government agencies often use postal codes to provide services and facilitate communication. Whether it’s filing tax returns, applying for official documents, or accessing government benefits, having a postal code can simplify these processes.

Emergency Services:

In case of emergencies, such as reporting accidents or requesting medical assistance, providing your postal code can help emergency services locate your area quickly and accurately.

Business Operations:

Postal codes are crucial for businesses to manage their operations efficiently. It helps in organizing customer data, optimizing delivery routes, and ensuring accurate address verification.

Service Providers:

From utility companies to internet service providers, many service providers require postal codes to set up accounts and provide their services. Having a postal code is essential to ensure smooth interactions when signing up for these services.

In conclusion, having a postal code in Guyana is vital for various reasons related to efficient mail delivery, online shopping, accessing government services, emergency response, business operations, and interacting with service providers. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy, timely delivery, and efficient communication.

Postal Code Importance in Guyana

The postal code system is of significant importance in Guyana, as it facilitates efficient and accurate mail delivery throughout the country. Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes, are a numerical code assigned to specific geographic areas.

In Guyana, each postal code corresponds to a particular region or district. These codes help organize the sorting and routing of mail, ensuring that it reaches its intended destination promptly. They also assist in the automation of mail processing, making the postal system more efficient.

Postal codes are crucial for businesses and individuals alike. For businesses, having the correct postal code on their mail ensures that their correspondence and packages are delivered without delay. This is particularly important for e-commerce companies that rely on prompt delivery to maintain customer satisfaction.

Individuals benefit from postal codes as well. When sending or receiving mail, having the correct postal code ensures that the item is accurately identified and reaches the correct address. It simplifies the process of sending invitations, bills, and other important documents.

Moreover, postal codes in Guyana also play a role in streamlining other related services. They are used in various sectors, such as government services, emergency response, and online mapping services. Postal codes are often integrated into databases and systems, allowing for more efficient access and analysis of information.

In summary, postal codes are of great importance in Guyana. They contribute to the smooth functioning of the postal system, ensuring timely and accurate mail delivery. Furthermore, postal codes simplify various aspects of daily life, such as sending and receiving mail, and facilitate the provision of other essential services.

How to Find the Postal Code for Guyana?

Finding the postal code for Guyana is a simple process. There are a few different ways you can go about finding this information.

  1. Online Search: One of the easiest ways to find the postal code for Guyana is through an online search. You can use popular search engines and websites that provide postal code lookup services. Simply enter the address or location you are interested in, and the website will provide you with the corresponding postal code.
  2. Post Office: Another option is to visit your local post office. The staff there will be able to assist you in finding the correct postal code for your desired address. They may have a database or directory that contains this information. Be sure to have the specific address or location ready when visiting the post office.
  3. Local Residents: If you know someone who lives in the area you are interested in, they may be able to provide you with the postal code. Local residents are often familiar with the postal codes for their own neighborhood or region.
  4. Government Websites: The government of Guyana may have a website where you can find postal code information. Visit the official government website and look for a postal code directory or search function. This can be a reliable source for accurate postal code data.

Once you have obtained the postal code for Guyana, you can use this information for various purposes, such as addressing mail, filling out forms, or locating specific areas within Guyana. It is important to ensure that you have the correct postal code to ensure efficient delivery of mail and packages.

Remember that postal codes can vary depending on the specific area or region in Guyana. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of the postal code to avoid any potential delivery issues.

Postal Code Look-up Options in Guyana

If you are looking for the postal code of an address in Guyana, there are a few options available for you to easily access this information. The postal code system in Guyana is alphanumeric and consists of five digits, with the first two digits representing the region and the last three digits representing a specific area or address.

Option 1: Online Postal Code Lookup

You can use various online platforms that provide postal code lookup services for Guyana. These websites or applications allow you to enter an address or a place name and then provide you with the corresponding postal code. Some popular options for online postal code lookup in Guyana include Postal Codes Guyana and Address Lookup Guyana.

Option 2: Guyana Post Office

You can visit a local post office in Guyana to obtain the postal code for a specific address. The staff at the post office will assist you in finding the correct postal code. Make sure to provide them with the complete address details, including the region and area, to ensure accuracy in the search.

Option 3: Telephone Inquiry

Another option is to contact the Guyana Post Office via telephone and inquire about the postal code of a particular address. You can find the contact information of the post office on their official website or in the local telephone directory. Remember to provide all the necessary address details to the post office representative for accurate results.

Using either of these postal code look-up options in Guyana, you will be able to easily find the accurate postal code for any given address in the country. Having the correct postal code is essential for ensuring smooth and efficient mail delivery in Guyana.

What Are the Common Postal Codes in Guyana?

Guyana has a unique postal code system that is made up of a combination of letters and numbers. The postal codes in Guyana are used to identify specific areas within the country for the purpose of sorting and delivering mail. Here are some of the common postal codes in Guyana:

Georgetown: The capital city of Guyana has several postal codes depending on the specific area. Some of the codes include 00001, 00040, and 00060.

Berbice: The region of Berbice also has a number of postal codes. For example, New Amsterdam has the postal code 07350, while the town of Rose Hall has the code 07130.

Linden: Linden, another major town in Guyana, has the postal code 07210.

Essequibo Coast: The Essequibo Coast region has codes such as 08520 for Anna Regina, 08500 for Suddie, and 08510 for Charity.

East Coast Demerara: The East Coast Demerara area has postal codes like 11380 for Beterverwagting, 11580 for Mon Repos, and 11890 for Annandale.

West Coast Demerara: The West Coast Demerara region has codes such as 11110 for Vreed-en-Hoop, 11330 for Wales, and 11130 for Uitvlugt.

Please note that these are just a few examples of the common postal codes in Guyana, and there are many more codes for various areas throughout the country.

When addressing mail or packages to Guyana, it is important to include the correct postal code to ensure proper delivery. The postal codes help the mail carriers, both local and international, to identify the correct destination and deliver the mail efficiently.

Postal Code Format in Guyana

In Guyana, the postal code format consists of a five-digit number. Each region in Guyana has its own unique postal code prefix.

The postal code prefixes are as follows:

Region Postal Code Prefix
Barima-Waini 11
Pomeroon-Supenaam 12
Essequibo Islands-West Demerara 13
Demerara-Mahaica 14
Mahaica-Berbice 15
East Berbice-Corentyne 16
Cuyuni-Mazaruni 17
Potaro-Siparuni 18
Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo 19
Upper Demerara-Berbice 20
Demerara-Mahaica 21
Demerara-Mahaica 22
East Berbice-Corentyne 23
East Berbice-Corentyne 24
Pomeroon-Supenaam 25
Pomeroon-Supenaam 26
Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo 27
Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo 28
Barima-Waini 29

When addressing mail to Guyana, be sure to include the correct postal code prefix for the region to ensure proper delivery.


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