What is the total length of Michigan’s shoreline across all the great lakes?

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By Kristy Tolley

Michigan’s Great Lakes Shoreline

Michigan is a state located in the mid-western region of the United States, bordered by four of the five Great Lakes, which are Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. With such proximity to these massive bodies of water, it’s not surprising to know that Michigan has an extensive shoreline on each lake.

The Five Great Lakes of Michigan

Michigan’s location provides it with access to five of the largest freshwater lakes in the world: Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Together, the five lakes contain about 20% of the world’s freshwater supply and are essential to the economy and natural resources of the region.

Identifying Michigan’s Shoreline

Michigan’s shoreline length is unique, as it’s not a single, continuous coastline like the ocean. Instead, it’s made up of many bays, peninsulas, and islands, which adds complexity to measuring the total length of its shoreline.

How is Shoreline Length Measured?

Measuring a shoreline’s length is not as straightforward as one might think. The first method is to calculate the length of a straight line drawn around the shore’s perimeter. However, this method disregards the intricate details of bays and inlets, resulting in an underestimate of the shoreline length. A more accurate method is to use the fractal dimension technique, which takes into account the complex details of the coastline.

Measuring Michigan’s Shoreline Length

Using the fractal dimension technique, Michigan’s shoreline length on all five Great Lakes is estimated to be around 5,292 miles. This measurement includes the intricate details of the shoreline, such as bays and inlets, which were not considered in the straight-line method.

Lake Michigan: Michigan’s Longest Shoreline

Lake Michigan has the longest shoreline of all the Great Lakes and makes up about 42% of Michigan’s total shoreline. Michigan’s shoreline on Lake Michigan is approximately 2,147 miles long, with many beaches and sand dunes.

Lake Superior: Michigan’s Second-Longest Shoreline

Lake Superior has Michigan’s second-longest shoreline and accounts for about 28% of Michigan’s total shoreline. Michigan’s shoreline on Lake Superior is approximately 1,729 miles long and is rocky and rugged.

Lake Huron: Michigan’s Third-Longest Shoreline

Lake Huron has Michigan’s third-longest shoreline and makes up around 16% of Michigan’s total shoreline. Michigan’s shoreline on Lake Huron is approximately 1,264 miles long and is characterized by sandy beaches and limestone cliffs.

Lake Erie: Michigan’s Second-Shortest Shoreline

Lake Erie has Michigan’s second-shortest shoreline and makes up around 3% of Michigan’s total shoreline. Michigan’s shoreline on Lake Erie is approximately 210 miles long and is known for its shallow waters and sandy beaches.

Lake Ontario: Michigan’s Shortest Shoreline

Lake Ontario has Michigan’s shortest shoreline and accounts for only 1% of Michigan’s total shoreline. Michigan’s shoreline on Lake Ontario is approximately 42 miles long and is primarily composed of beaches and rocky outcrops.

Total Shoreline Length Across All Five Great Lakes

The total length of Michigan’s shoreline on all five Great Lakes is approximately 5,292 miles. Although this number may seem impressive, Michigan’s shoreline length is not the longest of all the states bordering the Great Lakes. That title goes to Minnesota, followed by Michigan and Wisconsin.

Conclusion: Michigan’s Vast Great Lakes Shoreline

Michigan’s proximity to the Great Lakes means that it has a vast and diverse shoreline on each lake. With a total shoreline length of approximately 5,292 miles, Michigan’s coastlines are an essential part of its economy and natural resources. Understanding the intricate details of Michigan’s shoreline and how it’s measured is crucial for managing and protecting its coastal ecosystems.

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