With whom did Gene Kelly share the lead role in the film “An American in Paris”?

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By Kristy Tolley

Gene Kelly’s Famous Role

Gene Kelly is known for his iconic performances in musical films, particularly in the 1951 film "An American in Paris." Kelly not only starred in the movie, but he also choreographed and directed it. The film is considered a timeless classic and is still widely regarded as one of the best musicals of all time.

The Plot of "An American in Paris"

"An American in Paris" tells the story of Jerry Mulligan (played by Gene Kelly), an American ex-GI who decides to stay in Paris after World War II to pursue his passion for painting. Jerry falls in love with Lise Bouvier (played by Leslie Caron), a young French girl who is also pursued by Henri Baurel (played by Georges Guétary), a wealthy Frenchman. Despite the obstacles, Jerry and Lise’s love story unfolds against the backdrop of the vibrant Parisian art scene.

The Production History of the Movie

"An American in Paris" was produced by MGM and was released in 1951. It was directed by Vincente Minnelli, who was known for his work in musicals, and was based on the music of George Gershwin. The film was shot on location in Paris and was one of the first Hollywood productions to do so. The movie was a critical and commercial success, winning six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Actors That Auditioned for the Lead Role

Many actors auditioned for the lead role of Jerry Mulligan, including Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire. However, Gene Kelly was ultimately chosen for the part, and his performance is considered one of his best.

The Chosen Actress for the Female Lead

Leslie Caron was chosen for the role of Lise Bouvier after Kelly saw her perform in Paris. Caron was a French ballerina and had never acted before "An American in Paris." However, her talent and charm won over audiences, and she became a star overnight.

Gene Kelly’s Background and Career

Gene Kelly was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1912. He began his career as a dancer on Broadway and went on to become a successful movie star in Hollywood. Kelly was known for his athletic dance style and his ability to integrate dance into the narrative of his films. He starred in many iconic musicals, including "Singin’ in the Rain" and "On the Town."

The Female Lead’s Background and Career

Leslie Caron was born in France in 1931 and began her career as a ballerina. She was discovered by Gene Kelly and made her film debut in "An American in Paris." Caron went on to have a successful career in Hollywood, starring in films like "Lili" and "Gigi."

The Chemistry Between the Two Leads

Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron had great on-screen chemistry, which helped to make their love story in "An American in Paris" believable and moving. The two actors also had a close friendship off-screen, which contributed to their chemistry on-screen.

Behind the Scenes of the Movie’s Dance Routines

"An American in Paris" featured some of the most intricate and memorable dance routines in film history. Gene Kelly choreographed many of the dances himself, and he worked closely with Leslie Caron to ensure that their dance sequences were perfect.

The Impact of "An American in Paris" in Film History

"An American in Paris" is widely regarded as one of the best musicals ever made. The movie’s innovative use of location shooting in Paris and its integration of dance into the narrative of the film set a new standard for musicals. The film’s success also helped to establish Gene Kelly as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The Legacy of Gene Kelly’s Performance

Gene Kelly’s performance in "An American in Paris" is considered one of the best in film history. His athletic dance style and innovative choreography helped to revolutionize the musical genre. Kelly’s legacy as a performer and choreographer is still felt in Hollywood today.

Conclusion: A Timeless Movie That Still Enchants Audiences

"An American in Paris" is a timeless classic that continues to enchant audiences today. The film’s stunning visuals, memorable music, and iconic dance sequences make it a must-see for fans of musicals. Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron’s performances are still celebrated as some of the best in film history, and the legacy of the film remains strong to this day.

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